Not Dead yet, episode 4's twists and turns deftly replicate an underrated rom-com

The shocking twist in Not Dead Yet episode 4 puts Nell in a new light on things, but also witty references to an overlooked rom-com twist from 2019.

Warning! SPOILERS about Not Dead Yet episode 4 ahead.

Ghost appearances on ABC's "Not Dead Yet" usually have the usual comedic tone, but a ghost in Episode 4 of "Not Dead Yet" breaks that out of routine, citing a touching and wistful rom-com from 2019. Not Dead Yet's protagonist, Gina Rodriguez as Nell Serrano, was only assigned to an obituary beat after her fiancé left her to help her make life Get back on track. However, obituaries give her unprecedented opportunities to speak to and gain wisdom from her subjects, as they will only appear before her until she has completed and sent their obituaries.

Nell's obituaries in "Not Dead" tend to impart knowledge to her, and whether helpful or not, they always at least leave her with a fresh perspective and, in some cases, new friend. Not Dead Yet already mentioned A Christmas Carol in episode 1, and the classic influence on the ABC comedy is mentioned not only in Nell and Monty's talk, but also in the structure of Not Dead Yet, as the comedy repeatedly hints at how Learning about the subject of her obituary made Nell grow. However, the insight Nell gained The ghost from one of Not Dead Yet episode 4 ends up being particularly hurtful, while also referencing an underrated rom-com.

Not Dead Yet Episode 4's Twist Referenced Last Christmas

Nell's perfect meeting with a mysterious man in a bar in Cricket turns into her realizing that he's the subject of her next obituary, and therefore dead, perfectly referencing last Christmas in 2019. The rom-com stars Kate (Emilia Clarke) and Tom (Henry Golding), whose shocking finale reveals that Tom died the previous year and that he, as an organ donor, Her heart has gone to Kate, which is why she can see him. However, unlike most rom-com movies, Kate and Tom can't be together because Tom is a ghost. Still, Tom's involvement in Kate's life does give her a fresh start.

Meeting Tom changed Kate's perception of family and acquaintances and the way she lived. While Tom's heart had essentially saved Kate's life the year before, only knowing Tom would allow Kate to fully appreciate the new opportunities in her life, make her less detached, more understanding, and in short, more aware of her feelings. A reference to Last Christmas is perfect for Not Dead Yet, because Nell needs that kind of guidance, too. although Nell and Kate's situation is very different, Nell often loses insight due to recent events, and her ghost does help her gain wisdom.

Not Dead Yet Episode 4's Twist Was The Perfectly Bleak Ending To Nell's Dating

Nell mistook her next obituary for a potential love interest, ending her dating attempts perfectly. In Not Dead Yet's Sam (New Girl's Hannah Simone), Lexi (Lauren Ash), and Dennis (Josh Banday) try to get Nell to connect with someone so she doesn't learn that her ex-fiancé is dating someone else. Pulling yourself together, and failing all, to actually bond with a guy and realize he's actually dead is brutal, but an effective shocking twist. After all, it proves that Nell was right to wait for the other shoe to drop, but it also confirms Crickett's advice not to force a romantic connection, to continue ghost mode of the undead, and to give Nell a new life. insights.

Not Dead Yet airs new episodes every Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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