New Star Trek Special Team Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko and Pike

This May, IDW will release Star Trek Annual #1, uniting all past series captains, including crew members from the Kelvin timeline.

The new Star Trek special will bring together many of the franchise icons such as Captain Picard, Captain Kirk, Captain Sisko, Captain Janeway and Captain Pike. This May, IDW Publishing will release Star Trek Annual #1, a spin-off from the current flagship title, also titled Star Trek. On first glance at the cover, Captain Sisko is surrounded by holograms that resemble icons from the Star Trek universe, including Picard, Pike, and even characters from the Kelvin universe.

"Star Trek" co-writer Jackson Lansing tweeted the cover of the year. The cover was drawn by Rachael Stott and features the protagonist of the new Star Trek comic, Captain Benjamin Sisko, on a holodeck, inspired by all the captains who starred in the Star Trek show A holographic reenactment of the chase, featuring Jean-Luc Picard, James Kirk, Katherine Janeway, Christopher Peck and Jonathan Archer. Other characters, including Captain Philippa Georgiou (of Star Trek: Discovery) and various other crew members from throughout the series; even Captain Kirk from the Kelvin timeline is featured on the cover.

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Lanzing aptly reveals that the title of the story is "The Photon Man", and describes him as "the mother of all Holodeck adventures". Lenzing commits to annual Fulfilling the promise of the cover and featuring characters from across the Star Trek universe.

IDW's Star Trek Comics Are Firing on All Thrusters

This spring's Star Trek Annual continues IDW's new commitment to its comic-inspired series, an initiative that began last year with Star Trek #400 and continues with a new series launched last fall, Benjamin West Captain Skor and Starfleet's finest crew bear a mighty force that is slaughtering godlike beings. IDW's new series connects the dots of the franchise's continuity through its multigenerational team and extensive use of Easter eggs, revealing the rich tapestry of the Star Trek universe, combining characters like Data, Scotty and Tom Paris in Together.

Rachael Stott's cover of Star Trek Annual #1 takes this cross-pollination to another level by featuring various characters from across the franchise. Some of the biggest hitters in the Star Trek universe are featured on the cover, even including alternate versions of the characters. For example, Chris Pine's Captain Kirk in the Kelvin timeline, and Jeffrey Hunter's description of Captain Pike, comes from the first Star Trek pilot. Star Trek: Enterprise fan, speaking of comics, would also be happy to see Captain Jonathan Archer on the cover.

The Annual Puts a Spin on a Classic Star Trek Trope

Stott's cover also continued the general trend of the series: episodes centered on the Holodeck malfunction. So many classic (and not-so-classic) episodes have used the Holodeck accident as a plot point to the point that it's almost become a cliché. The newer Trek show avoids that trope, but it's still synonymous with the franchise. IDW's new Star Trek series is revolutionizing the franchise, and by seriously asking what makes it work, coupled with Sisko's new godlike powers, almost anything is possible. Star Trek Annual #1 cover brings together Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Pike, and Janeway in a new take on the tried and true "Holodeck Rampage" story.

Star Trek Annual #1 is out this May from IDW Publishing!

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