Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor Who costume continues RTD's return to the classic era

Ncuti Gatwa has been spotted wearing a new outfit as the Doctor, a style that continues the RTD trend and harkens back to the classic days of Doctor Who.

Ncuti Gatwa was spotted wearing the new Doctor Who costume, which continues RTD's trend of incorporating classic Doctor Who eras into new costumes. Gatwa was announced to take over the reins from Jodie Whittaker, but not before a shocking twist revealed David Tennant returning as the Fourteenth Doctor. Tennant isn't the only one returning, with Russell T. Davies returning as showrunner and writer, starting with the opening scenes of the 60th Anniversary Special and the Gatwa and Doctor Who Christmas Special.

RTD's return to Doctor Who has not gone unnoticed, and audiences will be excited about the many changes his return will bring, including the return of the Christmas Special and a new TARDIS design. RTD is also expected to bring back classic Doctor Who-era villain toymakers, but that's not the only classic Doctor Who-era element that RTD brings back. Doctor Who's new partnership with Disney+ means audiences will be able to watch the classic era alongside the revival, and as seasons release, audiences will be able to make more connections between the old and the new.

Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor Who Costume Is Another Classic Era Throwback

Photo of Gatwa on the set of Doctor Who A new garment was revealed, a throwback to another classic era, and confirmed RTD's intent to blend old and new. Gatwa's 15th doctor costume was leaked on Twitter, showing Gatwa coming out of the TARDIS while filming for the Christmas special, wearing blue pants, a red striped shirt and a long brown leather jacket. This costume is a very retro 70's style costume that reflects the style of the classic Doctor Who and ditches some of the newer Doctor's go-to outfits.

Ncuti Gatwa's retro costume also matches the return of other classic characters, such as the new Doctor Who logo and numerous villains. The new costume is retro, but it's not dated, showing that RTD aims to blend modern and classic Doctor Who eras in order to move forward with Doctor Who without forgetting its roots. Gatwa's costume is true to the intent of the RTD, while fitting Gatwa and creating his own personality as the Doctor, rather than just replicating the classic era to express nostalgia.

Why Doctor Who's Classic Era Throwbacks Are Good For The Show's Future

RTD's canonical throwback to the era is very important to Doctor Who's future, and demonstrates his intent to build on a stronger foundation. Although the new era has There are a lot of classic Doctor Who icons (such as Daleks and Cybermen), some smaller aspects are left out, like a toymaker. Linking the new series to the canon era of Doctor Who suggests that RTD is more focused on the Doctor Who lore and is creating storylines with a cosmic foundation.

Also, RTD has shown intent to build a Doctor Who universe, and a partnership with Disney+ will certainly help, with a bigger budget and more opportunities for spinoffs. The throwback to the classic era in Doctor Who will strengthen the spinoffs, as they can relate to older seasons of Doctor Who and still be relevant to new audiences. Also, the throwback to the classic era is a nod to the show's origins, as the show wouldn't be what it is today without the classic Doctor Who episodes.

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