NBCUniversal cancels Peacock free tier for new subscribers

The streaming service will direct new subscribers to two paid options, while existing subscribers will keep their access.

Peacock has ended its free tier for new subscribers of the streaming service, Variety reported. Users attempting to sign up for the service from NBCUniversal will now be directed to one of two options, both of which involve subscribing to its premium tier. The $4.99 Premium and $9.99 Premium Plus will give users access to the content library, which is expected to expand through 2023. Existing users will continue to have access to the free tier of the Peacock service, where the vast library of TV and movie content will remain.

An NBCU spokesperson said that as part of Peacock's growth strategy, the company is shifting its focus to paid plans. The representative said Peacock Premium better reflects the streaming platform's brand and the "unique" experience it offers. NBCU has offered eligible Comcast Cable and Cox customers access to Peacock Premium, which will be ad-free and at no additional cost. However, those programs, too, will eventually come to an end, according to NBCU Superintendent Jeff Scheer in a speech last year.

Move to end sign-ups to streaming service's free tier That comes on the heels of Comcast's report for the end of 2022, which noted that the network had more than 20 million paying subscribers, more than double the 9 million it reported at the end of the previous year. Peacock reported a loss of about $2.5 billion in 2022, which is expected to grow to about $3 billion by 2023.

NBCU claims that the amount of content available on Peacock Premium will continue to expand in 2023, with approximately 100,000 hours of programming totaling their original series, as well as licensed TV shows, feature films, live sports and news. Despite the recent cancellation of a series of shows, including Vampire Academy, original series airing on the network include Rian Johnson's Poker Face, Fresh Prince reboot Bel-Air and Dr. Death, while the network will also bring viewers The Continental, which is from the acclaimed John Wick film franchise.

The service will continue to offer TV series such as The Office of Evergreen, The '70s Show and Yellowstone, while Universal Films M3GAN, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and Tár are currently available through the Pay-1 window, while films such as Spoiler Alerts have been acquired. The service will also Live sporting events will continue through 2023, including Big 10 football, WWE Network and the FIFA Women's World Cup, which will be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

Check out our interviews with the cast of the recently canceled Peacock series below:

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