My Hero Academia Deku's new quirk is stronger than ever

My Hero Academia reveals the quirks of One for All's sixth user in an action-packed new episode, with Deku pitting Muscular again.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 19

Deku awakens another new Quirk in My Hero Academia, but this time he gets some advice from an experienced hand: the Quirk's original user.

In My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 19, Deku makes his on-screen debut in dramatic fashion, minutes later. When he emerges, he's clad in a strange purple mist, which is quickly revealed to be another quirk stored in My Hero Academia's One for All, this time belonging to a sixth user, En. A quirk known as Smoke Screen causes a mist of gas to pour from his body, obscuring his position and making it difficult for enemies to track his movements.

Smokescreen Unlocks Deku's True Potential in MHA

Surprisingly, En's remnant in One for All actually kind of blames Deku for going too far with the smoke screen quirk, a fact that seems a bit off considering how much purple fog hangs over the city in the wide shot is an indisputable fact. En hints that Deku may have respected the quirks stored in One for All too much, expecting each of them to be as powerful as an energy store. Instead, he said, these quirks should be viewed as tools In his grasp, there is no trick that can single-handedly defeat the villain.

For Deku, the power in One for All is a legendary ability he passed down from generation to generation, but there isn't much rhyme or reason to who ends up getting that power or why; it's mostly just given in desperate circumstances The closest and most trusted person. Quirks, while becoming more powerful over time, were not chosen for their combat utility, and thus actually ended up being just normal Quirks enhanced with One for All. The smoke screen itself is exactly the kind of quirk that's not hard to imagine belonging to another student, one who might have problems on a blustery day or generate enough volume to adequately mask his own. While Deku doesn't have these exact issues, it does highlight the "mundane" nature of some of these quirks.

A Fifth Quirk at Deku's Disposal

Added Smokescreen to the list, Deku currently has access to five abilities: Core Power Storage Ability, Float, Danger Sense, and Black Whip. Since All Might didn't bring the Quirks to the table, Midoriya already has access to five of the seven Quirks stored in One for All. Each of these capabilities has certain That has come in handy, and Deku's fight with Shigaraki proved that while Quirks like the Float may not be many on their own, their real power comes from the ability to combine these tricks. Different quirks are good for different enemies, so it's really what En said - their value lies in the variety of powers, not the powers themselves. My Hero Academia has now suggested this to Deku, so it's entirely his responsibility to implement it.

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