Mediterranean Below Deck: Everything About Maria White

Malia White impresses Under Deck Mediterranean fans during her performance. Here's everything about her.

Bosun Malia White first joined Under Deck Mediterranean Season 2 and later returned to Below Deck Med Season 5. In her first season, Malia started out as a deckhand and was promoted to lead deckhand later in the season. When Maria returned below decks in season 5, she was promoted again to boatswain, becoming the first female leader of an outdoor crew in series history.

During Season 5's Below Deck Med, audiences were less than happy with Maria. They turned against her after she brought the captain, Sandy Yawn, to the attention of chief steward Hannah Ferrier for illegal valium and vaping on board. She even took photographic evidence of what she found. After telling the Captain about it, Sandy called Hannah over and fired her immediately. After this incident, the audience turned against Maria completely, calling her a whistleblower. However, Maria did return in Season 6's "Below Decks," but has since left the series behind.

Malia White's Age, Background & Career

Malia was born on July 20, 1990 in Florida. While there isn't much information about her parents, she does have five older brothers, according to Gossip Essentials. Her father worked in a shipyard, This may have led to her love of the sea. After discovering her love for the ocean, looking beyond recognition, Maria decided to start her yachting career. She then joined Below Deck Med Season 2 aboard the yacht Sirocco, which sailed in Croatia. Maria started out as a sailor on the ship, but was promoted midway through Season 5's Under Deck Med season to become chief sailor. After the show, Malia finally got her duty officer license, so she'll be a crew member someday.

Malia White's Personal Life

As for her dating life, Mariah is known to start a relationship with someone she works for. In Below Deck Med season 2, she finds herself in a love triangle with chef Adam Glick and her Below Deck boatswain, Wesley Walton. She and Adam met before the charter began and began a secret romance while working on the yacht. After meeting Wes, Maria also begins to develop feelings for him. After the love triangle came to light, a big battle broke out between the men. Years later, Maria began a relationship with Tom Checketts, who replaced Kiko Lorraine as head chef on the season of "Mediterranean Below Deck" 5. However, the couple split in the fall of 2020. Malia then began dating Jake Baker, an engineer during Season 6 of Below Deck Med. The couple reportedly split in December 2022.

Since the end of Below Deck Mediterranean season 6, Maria has been working in the yachting industry. While she has no plans to return to the show in the future, she is one of the most iconic cast members in the show's history. Maybe one day, fans will see Maria return as captain.

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