Marvel Officially Names Its New Fastest Hero

Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #1 reintroduces the young mutant Loolo, who first appeared in X-Men Red #6 as the blazingly fast hero Quick.

Warning: contains spoilers for Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #1 ahead

The ongoing Sins of Sinister event has turned the Marvel Universe upside down as Sinister Sinister's tampering turns the X-Men into villains. Storm is one of the few unaffected mutants, and her new brotherhood is battling her former allies. The team reintroduces a young mutant who first appeared in X-Men Red #6 as Marvel's new fastest living hero.

Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #1 takes place 10 years after the events of Sins of Sinister and follows Ororo Munroe and her ragtag team of Arakki and Krakoan mutants as they battle to the death with the various forces of evil tearing apart the Marvel Universe. Now, Loolo Marshall has come of age, first appearing as a secondary Arakki supporting character in Al Ewing's X-Men Red - established as the fastest man still alive, code-named Quick.

The Brotherhood's Youngest Member Is Also Its Fastest

Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants #1 - by X-Men Red author Al Ewing, gorgeous art by Paco Medina - sees Storm and her team fight good fights as Quick is considered "the fastest man still alive ". Loolo first appeared in Ewing's X-Men Red during the disastrous events of Judgment Day, see The genocidal Eternals villain Uranus unleashes a weapon of mass destruction on the mutant planet Arakko. Loolo is a young Arakki mutant who, along with her younger brother, is under the protection of a well-wisher named Craig Marshall employed by NASA. Even at a young age, Loolo possesses the fighting spirit typical of all Arakki.

X-Men's Quick Has A Tragic Backstory

In The Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants #1, the quiet sinister council chooses to genocide the Arakki people and completely blow up the entire planet, meaning that Loolo's brother and their protector Craig are likely killed in the attack , making Loolo's adoption of Craig's surname Marshall all the more heartbreaking and meaningful. In Quick's battle with Sinister Chimeras, she quickly proved not only her speed, but also her fighting prowess with the brutal double-bladed spear, as well as her quick thinking and ingenuity as the youngest member of the Brotherhood of Storms .

This is a shocking title, implying that either creatures like Silver Surfer, Quicksilver, Speed, and Northstar are dead, or Quick's potential exceeds them. As a resident of Krakoa, Northstar was likely corrupted by Sinister, meaning that to claim her title, Quick was a It's puzzling speed. Even if the future of Guilty Sins reverses course, Loolo will maintain this distinction, and it will be fascinating to see her grow into the epic story of Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants.

New X-Men mutant Loolo Marshall - also known as Quick - quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with, and many evil forces should be wary of the events of Sins of Sinister, especially since her tragic backstory is A powerful motivator that drives the young hero to wipe out every evil mutant in her way.

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