Marvel Just Killed A Surprising MCU 'Hero' For Good

A classic Daredevil foe who recently made his live-action debut in the MCU, ends his life permanently as one of Murderworld's latest victims.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Murderworld: Moon Knight!

While permanent character death is notoriously rare in mainstream comics, Marvel Comics has killed off Leapfrog, who recently made his live-action debut in the MCU as a corrupt hero. In the mainstream world of Marvel Comics, the moniker Leapfrog is used by the villainous Vincent Pattirio and his more heroic son Eugene Pattirio, with the former finding himself trapped in the arcade's latest version of Murder deadly version of the world. Thanks to the MCU, the jump-frog character has gained a new mainstream consciousness, and the sudden death of an amphibian-inspired criminal can be shocking.

In Murder World: Moon Knight by Jim Zub, Ray Fawkes, and Luca Pizzari, Vincent Patilio (who lacks the agility and durability-enhanced Leapfrog suit) jumps off a rooftop only to shoot for Moon Knight's LMD In it he has a pair of thrown crescent darts behind him. Patilio fell to his death, as confirmed by Arcade surveillance technology. While a very different character than what MCU fans saw in She-Hulk: The Lawyer, Patilio's death marks the end of a decades-old Marvel villain.

Leap-Frog In The Comics Vs MCU

The original Leap-Frog debuted in Stan Lee and Gene Colan's Daredevil #25 in 1966 as a petty criminal who designed a frog-like suit to leap great distances And protect yourself when you land. Leap-Frog is primarily Daredevil's antagonist, but also finds himself at odds with other Marvel heavyweights like Iron Man and Spider-Man. His son, Eugene Patilio, made special use of the Leap-Frog technique to create the heroic frogman.

Eugene Patilio made his debut in the early 1980s, fighting alongside heroes such as Spider-Man and the Human Torch, and defeating villains such as the Speed ​​Demon and White Rabbit, though he often found himself unable to extricate himself. Eugene is still alive in the main Marvel Universe, and despite his often reckless attempts at heroism, it remains to be seen how he will respond to his father's murder. Vincent and Eugene Pattillo loosely fit into the MCU's live-action with She-Hulk's version of Leap-Frog.

The MCU's iteration of Leap-Frog (who in this universe is just Eugene Patilio) combines the corruption of Vincent Patilio with the incompetence and pretentious heroism of the comic book version of Eugene. As a nod to the original Leap-Frog, the MCU's iteration is Daredevil and She-Hulk's counterpart, though he's not a threat to either hero. While the comics and the MCU's Eugene Patilio live on, the original Leap-Frog finally meets He ends up in the main continuity of Marvel Comics.

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