Marvel confirms why Gambit is the most valuable X-Men fighter

X-Men resident Ragin' Cajun Gambit is one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe, and now Marvel has confirmed why.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #46!

Marvel has confirmed why Gambit is the X-Men's best fighter. In Captain Marvel #46, Carol leads a group of mutants on a mission to free Gambit's wife Rogue from an evil alien race. As they fight their way through hordes of vicious creatures, Hazmat, a member of Carol's team, can't help but notice Gambit's superior fighting skills and learn why his fellow X-Men believe in his abilities.

This issue was written by Kelly Thompson, illustrated by Javier Pina, colored by Yen Nitro, and typed by Clayton Cowles. In deep space, Captain Marvel's hastily assembled rescue team split into two groups, with Polaris, Card Game, Hazardous Materials, and Wolverine fighting on one side of the space station. As they approached Rogue's location, Gambit began charging items to use as weapons in the ensuing battle. As he did so, he began speaking in French. Hazmat asked Polaris and Wolverine if they understood what Gambit was saying, and they both replied "no". Polaris, however, said Gambit's "instincts are phenomenal" and they've just learned to "go with the flow" over time. Wolverine chimed in, agreeing with Polaris. as if To reaffirm their trust in him, Gambit opens a huge door, allowing them to continue their rescue mission.

Gambit Is One of Marvel's Best Fighters—Period

Almost all of the X-Men are great fighters, but Gambit is way ahead of the rest. Introduced in 1990's Extraordinary X-Men #266, the Gambit has the mutant ability to charge inanimate objects to transform them into weapons. As a thief, Gambit met the amnesiac Storm and eventually accompanied her back to the X-Mansion, where he has been a regular member of the team ever since. Gambit's energy manipulation abilities also make him a reservoir of biokinetic energy, which grants him additional powers such as increased strength and agility; A member of was very helpful.

Due to years of being a pickpocket and thief on the streets, as well as his substantial time in the X-Men, Gambit is one of the greatest fighters not only among his fellow mutants, but in the larger Marvel Universe as a whole . During his time with the team, his fellow X-Men learned to trust his instincts. Gambit has shown itself time and time again A very competent fighter, taking down everyone from evil mutants to broods, his behavior in this installment shows that the X-Men are right to put their trust in him. While Polaris may not be as physically strong as Gambit, Wolverine is, and even she can't deny Gambit's abilities in battle. Even though his teammates didn't always understand what he was saying, they had a lot of respect for his combat prowess.

Like many of his X-Men sidekicks, including his wife Rogue, Gambit comes from a rocky background, which forces him to sometimes have to think with his fists. Gambit learned the art of fighting on the streets of New Orleans and brought those skills to the X-Men, where they were further honed. Thanks to these instincts, Gambit is the best fighter in the X-Men - and has the complete respect and trust of his teammates.

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