Love is blind: Crow reveals how she learned about SK cheating scandal

Raven talked about how SK cheated on her in Love Is Blind: After the Altar, but she had more to say, including how she first found out about it.

Love Is Blind season 3 star Raven Ross recently revealed long-awaited details about how she found out Sikiru “SK” Alagbada cheated on her. Raven became known for her time on the show as she was paired with Nigerian-born SK, who started out as a fan favorite. SK said no at the altar, but expressed his reasoning with generosity and logic. Even though SK didn't feel like they were ready to get married at the time, it was an emotional moment when they announced on the reunion show that they were still dating. Unfortunately, their intentions to continue their relationship didn't last long, as SK was accused of cheating on her shortly after they rekindled their relationship.

Raven may not have left the Love Is Blind marriage, but she did find a happy relationship she felt was worth pursuing. After exposing the cheating allegations on Love Is Blind: After the Altar, Raven continued the topic in an interview with ET. Raven told ET that she "discovered the rest of the world on TikTok." She added that while she's fine now, it wasn't the easiest situation to deal with with others. Raven also revealed that she and SK were living together at the time, and that SK was not attending school in California when the allegations first surfaced.

Raven & SK Got Engaged A Second Time After Love Is Blind

Also in the After The Altar spinoff, viewers see Raven and SK re-engage sometime between the reunion episode and the outbreak of the cheating scandal. Odds are, seeing the two happy enough about the second proposal, that they've ended things after rumors have surfaced off-screen. It provides additional context on the status of their relationship at the time of their breakdown, since it's mostly been speculation so far. Raven confirmed that he had indeed cheated on her, and further confirmed how it had affected her life. It's also a huge development, as the timeline of events and how Raven deals with heartbreak is somewhat confusing.

Raven's and SK's romance started off as highly regarded, so it didn't end well between them. SK has always denied cheating on Raven, but the latest revelations have raised more questions about his defense. Raven decides to make allegations public and disclose those close to Details can be hard to come by. It was, however, necessary for her to tell her story, as SK was more than willing to tell his version. Love Is Blind couples often display issues in their relationship, but Raven and SK's story is definitely one to remember.

Raven finds it heartbreaking to be cheated on by her second fiancé at the same time as the rest of the world. While she didn't find the love of her life on "Love Is Blind," she expressed gratitude for her experience on the show. It might not be the desired outcome viewers were hoping for from a dating show, but Raven shared with the future Love Is Blind cast members the advice she learned from the show. Raven has been open about her current endeavors and relationship status, and it looks like she's still looking for love. It's inspiring to see her hopeful after what she's been through.

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