Love at First Sight: Why Airris Has Been Called Arrogant and Dismissive

Airris Williams, who is married to Jasmine Secrest, wasn't one of season 16's most popular cast members for a long list of reasons.

For various reasons, Airris Williams from season 16 of "Married at First Sight" has been accused of being self-centered and dismissive. It's not his fault if he's not attracted to his wife, Jasmine Secrest. After all, everyone's taste is different. However, his brash attitude and history as a player didn't win Iris many fans.

During the honeymoon, Iris, 39, tells Jasmine that he has never been in a relationship. The confession was a major red flag for his wife, who admitted that she fell in love easily. Not only does she not understand why someone his age has never experienced love, but the Love at First Sight star of season 16 also feels more pressured because the chances of him falling in love with her now seem slim.

Airris Is Not a Married At First Sight Fan Favorite

u/MaryCone1 called Airris a "dismissive, pompous, self-centered jerk" in a post on Reddit. Many MAFS fans agree. Some were disturbed by Iris's admission that she has treated women poorly in the past and has never had a serious relationship. Iris "has no idea what a real deep connection with a woman is," was one comment on the post.

Others consider Airris to be Becoming childish because Jasmine hurt his pride. One Reddit user commented: "Airris is acting immature. When Jasmine didn't respond to his 'sexy talk' the way he wanted in the first day or two of their relationship, he lost interest in her." Early on in Love at First Sight's Nashville season, Airris told Jasmine how beautiful she was, and he seemed thrilled when she walked down the aisle for the first time. Those feelings have clearly changed.

Airris & Jasmine’s Marriage Is On Shaky Ground

Disgruntled fans of Iris aren't blaming him for not being attracted to Jasmine, if that's true. They're even more bothered by the way he keeps her at arm's length and doesn't make the effort to build attraction. In an episode of MAFS, Airris tells Jasmine that his feelings for her are more friendly than romantic. He'd said that to the other husbands in the last episode, but up until that point, he'd been lying to Molly about his feelings for her. Iris brags about how obsessed she is with him. This makes Iris seem evil and duplicitous.

Iris also had sex with a woman two weeks before her marriage to Jasmine. as Jasmine admitted on After Party that she found out about the tryst while checking his phone and realized she knew the woman. While experts didn't tell Iris he was matched until the day after their encounter, he should have the mindset that he's about to get engaged. No wonder many Love at First Sight fans thought Iris and Jasmine's marriage was doomed. This season may end up surpassing the previous one by having the most incredible MAFS cast ever.

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Love at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8pm. EST for life.

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