Lindy and Miguel, who fell in love at first sight, announced their separation

Lindy Elloway reveals that she and Miguel Santiago-Medina ended their relationship after starring in season 15 of "Love at First Sight."

Love at first sight couple Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago-Medina have officially announced their divorce. The couple met during the season 15 episode "Love at First Sight" in 2022. On Decision Day, Lindy and Miguel profess their love for each other. He has a crush on her and claims to be inspired by her.

Despite Lindy and Miguel's apparent efforts, their marriage ultimately failed. The news was announced in a statement to People magazine, in which Lindy said it was impossible to maintain a marriage if both parties were "unequally committed" to its success. Lindy further explained (both in a statement to People magazine and on Instagram) that marrying strangers on national television is a "painful, overwhelming, confusing process."

The couple faced many ups and downs during the season 15 season "Married at First Sight", but finally decided to stay together when "Decision Day" came. Lindy and Miguel shared little about their lives during their love at first sight, and Lindy wanted viewers to understand the small glimpses into their lives they saw on the show.

Married At First Sight's Lindy Asks For Privacy Amid Miguel Divorce

Lindy stated in her statement that she and Miguel did not regret their love at first sight and were Glad they "experienced a real connection." She is grateful for the experimentation and the opportunity. Lindy further said that while it was "difficult" and didn't work out, she's glad they took a leap of faith. The couple asks fans of Love at First Sight to respect their privacy as they continue to heal and grow as individuals. Lindy and Miguel announced their divorce after fans asked about their relationship. The couple appeared to be keeping their love story secret to social media, leading to speculation that the breakup was played out off-screen.

News of their divorce came as a shock to Love at First Sight fans. Lindy and Miguel's chemistry seemed strong on the show, and their decision to be together gave fans hope. The couple seem to have a genuine connection. But as Lindy said in her announcement, marriage requires equal commitment from both parties.

However, it is sad that Lindy and Miguel's marriage came to an end. Hope this couple heals and continues to find happiness in future relationships. The announcement also raised concerns about the "love at first sight" matchmaking process, which has already It has been questioned for many years.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST for life.

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