Legacy of Hogwarts is supposed to be the end of Hogwarts

Any video game after Hogwarts Legacy should expand beyond Scottish schools, as there are plenty of stories to tell elsewhere.

While Hogwarts Legacy gave players a fresh experience of the Scottish-based school by setting the game in a different time period, it's time to retire the school in favor of other institutions. Hogwarts is of course the most well-known wizarding school to fans, but it's the only one available so far. Another game in the Harry Potter universe would do well to give Hogwarts a break in favor of the new realm.

Hogwarts Legacy transfer students offer some insight into other schools in the wizarding universe, and a reminder of the rest of the world. At least some of these locations will be familiar to fans of the Harry Potter series, as the students for the Triwizard Tournament were recruited from other schools. After so many years of being set at Hogwarts, that's why Hogwarts Legacy should be the last magical tour set in a Scottish academy.

Players Could Travel Elsewhere After Hogwarts Legacy

After Hogwarts Legacy, there is no shortage of other wizarding school locations the player can travel to. There are 11 different wizarding schools around the world, but only one has really gained widespread attention. instead If Hogwarts were continued in a different time period, it would be an even more interesting experience for fans to explore entirely new places.

Possibilities For A Hogwarts Legacy Sequel Are Endless

While the iconic locations of the Hogwarts legacy undoubtedly attract many fans who want to explore the world they know and love, discovering a brand new location can be even more rewarding. Of the 11 schools mentioned by J.K. Rowling survive, only eight are named, and they are spread over most major continents. This includes schools in France, Brazil, Scandinavia, the US, Russia, Japan and Uganda. Each of these locations could offer entirely new narrative opportunities, lore, and characters that would be more compelling than returning to Hogwarts all over again.

Not that Hogwarts is inherently uninteresting as a location - it just works in one setting. This is especially true once one examines the vast differences between some wizarding schools, as many seem to offer quite different experiences than those offered in the Hogwarts legacy. For example, the process of choosing a house in Hogwarts Legacy is already very familiar to most people, and the online quizzes are almost endless That answers that question. However, each school has its own set of houses, about which players know very little.

Just as Hogwarts has a storied history of students, staff, scandals and victories, so do all other schools in the wizarding world. It's a shame that most of these stories have never been explored, and choosing a new school as the setting for a Hogwarts Legacy sequel would be a great way to address that. While Hogwarts Legacy somewhat allows players to carve their own path in the wizarding world through the earlier setting, the brand new school does this even better.

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