Larry Myers From My Life at 600 Pounds to Today

My 600 Pound Life alum Larry Myers' time in the series is over, but he hasn't been forgotten. There's a lot to learn from his life after the reality show.

Larry Myers has been busy since his season 10 reality debut of "My 600-Pound Life," and it's time for a update. He stands out from most viewers because unlike most of Dr. Younan Nowzradan's patients, he has undergone weight loss surgery before appearing on the series. Now that Larry is a TLC alumnus, there's still a lot to learn about his life today.

Larry was 45 years old when he appeared on the show, having gained 400 pounds five years after his first bariatric surgery. So, he decided to turn to "the current doctor". He has been battling a binge eating habit which has caused him to gain a lot of weight. His debut on TLC was haunting as he sadly lived through traumatic life events. Although Larry was unable to lose enough weight to get approval for surgery from Dr. Nowzaradan of My 600-lb Life, he was given another chance to lose weight and achieved his goal.

My 600-Lb Life's Larry Kept Up With His Exercise Routine

Judging by Larry's social media posts, there are some signs that he is taking his second chance seriously. Although he's not very active on social media, his previous posts suggest he's embracing a healthy lifestyle. He once shared a photo of protein powder and almond milk, explaining in the caption that he will be on a liquid diet for the next two months. This post was added in September 2021. According to Distractify, Larry may have had a second bariatric surgery, similar to many My 600-Lb Life alumni, and started a liquid diet after the procedure. :

My 600-Lb Life's Larry Myers' Is Building A New Career

Larry now seeks more from life than a slim physique. According to Realitytitbit, he used his fame to try new things with his platform. The 600-pound star reportedly became a musician. During his musical career, he is believed to have used the stage name "Buttermilk Biscuit". Larry is set apart by his unusual nickname, chosen after he became famous for eating biscuits from a popular chicken restaurant and singing "buttermilk biscuits" as he ate them. At this point in time, my 600 Pound Life alumnus Larry's singing career may not be a huge shock to many My 600 Pound Life fans, as Larry has been talking about his passion for music. One of his released albums is a song called "Lord I Thank You," which honors his faith.

My 600lb Life alumnus Larry is not very active on social media, although he occasionally updates his Instagram to remind him of the time he spends on the show. His Facebook page also shows that Larry has been a motivational weight loss speaker since 2016. Beyond his music, My 600 Pounds alum Larry is clearly committed to encouraging others and spreading positivity through his public speaking. It's clear that Larry's time on the show has really affected him, and he wants to share it with others. Celebrity Larry of 1000 Pound Sisters has been through a lot, and it's refreshing to see him balance his passion for music with his desire to help others.

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