'Keeping On' Trailer Sees Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Team Up for Murder

Paul Weitz's revenge comedy hits theaters March 17.

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are going crazy for Tom Brady in the upcoming film 80 for Brady, and now the duo is dropping a teaser showing the Another feature film that hit moviegoers in a two-hit fashion. Titled Moving On, the film will revolve around a comedy duo starring longtime friends as they grapple with the death of a third member of their BFF triad. Along with Tomlin and Fonda, A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell and Shafts actor Richard Rowntree round out the cast.

From the beginning, Fonda's Claire enlists her long-lost friend Evelyn (Tomlin) to murder their late friend's husband, Howard (McDowell), which leads to some very heavy Thelma and Lewis vibes. While the reason for the revenge killing isn't immediately listed at the top of the trailer, we find out that Claire's beef with Howard has been brewing for decades, and that Claire is finally free to kill him now that her friend is dead. And, by the end, we find out that Claire's hatred for Howard stems from her belief that Howard broke her relationship with her one-time boyfriend (Roundtree). Although many years have passed They're so entangled in each other's lives that the murder plot has a way of connecting people to Evelyn and Claire and snapping back to their old ways.

Of course, the trailer has classic one-liners and cold moments between old friends Fonda and Tomlin, who have been entertaining viewers since appearing alongside Dolly Parton on 9-to-5 all those years ago happy. Goes on to appear in fan favorites, including Netflix's smash hit series Grace and Frankie, and will soon be seen starring in 80 for Brady alongside fellow legends Rita Moreno and Sally Field .

Your new favorite revenge comedy is directed by Paul Weitz, who also wrote the film. A lead actor in comedy dramas, Weitz is known for his long string of blockbusters, including American Pie, About Boys, Fox Jr. and Fatherhood. Weitz also serves as a producer along with Stephanie Meurer, Dylan Sellers, Andrew Miano and Chris Parker.

Moving On will be released March 17, 2023. Check out the trailer below and keep scrolling for the film's official synopsis.

Here is the summary:

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin star as estranged friends who reunite to seek revenge on the petulant widower (Malcolm McDowell) of their recently deceased best friend. Along the way, Fonda’s character reunites with her great love (Richard Roundtree) as each woman learns to make peace with the past and each other.
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