Joker loves making his own batsuits, and his new one is the best yet

The Joker has had several redesigns over the years, but one of the most common looks he keeps coming back to is actually a version in a bat suit.

Warning! Contains spoilers for Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #5!

Many DC Universe characters who have worked with or for Batman have donned their Batman, but one of the most surprising is the Joker.

The Joker is one of Batman's longest and most recurring enemies. Whenever a major event occurs in Batman's life, it's almost always associated with the Joker. Like Batman, the Joker has continued to update his look throughout the years they've fought, but one of the Joker's weirdest fashion choices is how he continues to wear the Batsuit. Readers recently saw this in Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #5 by Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine di Gendomenico.

While searching for one of his former safe houses, the Joker stumbles upon the Mad Hatter terrorizing some children. Wearing a homemade Batsuit, the Joker bursts through a window saying, "Hi, badass. It's me. Batman." This isn't the first time the Joker has donned a Batsuit; it's actually a trend, and the latest might be his best yet .

Joker Wears A New Batsuit

The fact that the Joker wears a bat suit is nothing new to him. In the Year of the Villain 2019: John Carpenter, Anthony Birch and Philip Tan's Joker can be seen taking to the streets in store-bought Batman costumes. Later in Batman #99 by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez, in the finale of the Joker Wars storyline, the Joker dons his own Batman suit to mock Batman's idea that he'll never be corrupted by Overwatch The dark knight of the city. The idea of ​​the Clown Prince of Crime stealing Batman is nothing new; the Joker has had his own take on batdarters in the past, and during the Bane City storyline, he himself patrolled the streets of Gotham City. But this latest batsuit stands out from his previous batsuits in one major way. The batsuit in the clown wars was stolen from Wayne Tech, the batsuit in the year of the clown was store bought, but the one the clown wore in the latest issue seems to be homemade, which is why it's the perfect batsuit for the clown .

The fact that the Joker seems to have created his own batsuit should be an absolutely terrifying thought. When the Joker steals Batman's suit, he's at least limited to the suits Batman uses to be able to do it. Like it's unlikely to have anything lethal in its utility belt. The Joker is an inventive genius, having created deadly electric buzzers, acid-spitting flowers, his own Joker Toxin, and Joker even created the Joker Car, a twisted version of the Batmobile. All of which is to say that the Joker is perfectly capable of making a suit far more dangerous than any Batsuit, which is why the fact that this new suit looks homemade is so scary, and it can hold just about anything in its pouches thing.

Joker's Batsuit Is A Major Wild Card

While the Joker is often known for wearing his signature green and purple suits, it's not his only favorite fashion. For whatever reason, he seems to like wearing the same clothes as Batman, and one day, the Joker may have just as many utilities and gadgets to go with his new suit.

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