JJ Abrams reunites with lost star in new HBO crime drama

JJ Abrams reunites with Lost star Josh Holloway for a new crime drama that finally gets an official series order on streaming HBO Max.

JJ Abrams is reuniting with Lost star Josh Holloway for a new HBO Max crime drama. Abrams and Holloway had much success on the hit Emmy-winning ABC show from 2004 to 2010, with Abrams serving as co-creator, director and producer, and Holloway Wythe plays fan-favorite anti-hero James "Sawyer" Ford.

According to Deadline, Abrams' new drama Duster finally has an official series order for streaming HBO Max, and Holloway will join the cast along with his old Lost boss. The project has been discussed for a long time, with Duster's first announcement coming back in April 2020, when a development deal for a series promise from HBO Max was misinterpreted as a series order. After Lost's disappointing finale, Abrams and Holloway will now have the chance to make up for it with this new partnership.

What To Expect From Abrams' Duster

The show was approved by Warner Bros. Television, with Abrams and LaToya Morgan co-writing the first two episodes of the eight-episode first season. Abrams and Morgan - who wrote the successful series Shameless, Parenting and The Walking Dead in Her Name - will also executive produce the new series with Stephen Green. Green, who has directed TV shows on shows like Bates Motel, Luke Cage, and most recently, The Book of Boba Fett, will also direct at least the first two episodes of Duster. Duster is also one of three new shows that Abrams has been working on with HBO Max, including Justice League Dark.

Holloway will star opposite Rachel Hilson as the first black female FBI agent to travel to the Southwest in 1972. As FBI agents try to stop a growing crime syndicate, she recruits a brazen getaway driver, played by Holloway. Hilson first rose to fame with roles on The Good Wife, This Is Us and Victory, before landing a lead role on Hulu's teen drama Love, Victor. Since Lost, Holloway has starred in Colony and had a recurring role in Yellowstone season 3, which, by the way, recently saw production delays for season 5.

Other actors joining Hilson and the Lost Holloway include Camille Guati, known for her recurring roles in Prison Break and The Rookie, and Hollywood veteran Keith David, in his brilliant has appeared in more than 300 productions during his career, most recently in With a small role in Nope and Greg Grunberg, Abrams' childhood friend, he has appeared in many of the director's projects, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Alias. After a rough year in 2022 that saw setbacks for several of his upcoming projects, one of which was the cancellation of Demimonde, it looks like Abrams' new idea will find its way to the small screen sooner or later.

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