It's Always Sunny's Paddy's Pub Not in Philadelphia

Paddy's Pub is a staple of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but the gangster's bar wasn't actually filmed in Philadelphia.

As its title suggests, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is set in Philadelphia, but the gang's bar, Paddy's Pub, wasn't actually filmed in Philadelphia. Dennis, Mac and Charlie buy Paddy's while considering buying an ice rink, and Dee is hired as a bartender with merchandising rights so they don't have to pay her minimum wage. When the pub was threatened with a takeover, Frank took over, and thanks to his inexplicable wealth, it's been running smoothly ever since. Still, Paddy's is less a functioning business than a center for the gang's outrageous antics.

Paddy's hostile staff, unsanitary premises and frequent stabbings in back alleys are not the kind of place real customers would flock to. But, given its central role in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the place still manages to become iconic. Over the duration of the long-running sitcom, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love's many landmarks are showcased — the gang claims to have cracked the Liberty Bell, Frank hijacks a traversal A cruise on the Gilkill River - but Paddy's isn't actually located in Philadelphia.

The Bar Seen In The Show Is Actually In Los Angeles

in it is always In sunny Philadelphia, Paddy’s Pub is said to be located in South Philadelphia. At various times, its location was named the corner of 2nd and Dickinson Streets and the corner of 3rd and Dickinson Streets. But the building featured in the show isn't actually near Dickinson Street; it's not even in Philadelphia. Paddy’s Pub exteriors were filmed in Los Angeles (via Dirt). Since most of the cast, crew, and production companies are based in Los Angeles, most of the series is filmed there — even ones like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia that revolve around another city.

When the Paddy's Pub sign was not hoisted to film the new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the building was known as the Nate Starkman & Son Building—or simply "The Starkman Building". Company name. The building representing Paddy's Pub is located at 544 Mateo Street in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. It was originally built as a factory for the Brinstool Paint Company 1908.

The Cast Does Have A Real Bar In Philadelphia

While Paddy's Pub is a fictional invention of Philadelphia creator It's Always Sunny, two of its cast members have owned a real pub in Philadelphia since 2010 (via /Film). Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson, a real-life married couple better known as It's Always Sunny characters Mac and Dee, are the owners of Mac's Tavern, a sports bar at 226 Market Street. The bar is filled with memorabilia related to the series. Artwork from the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast hangs on the walls, along with a signed Chase Utley jersey — a nod to Mike's fascination with Utley on the show.

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