It never made sense for Rachel to get off the plane in the Friends ending

"Friends" ended with Rachel's big move to get off the plane and cancel her forever being with Ross. However, this ending doesn't fit her arc well.

In the Friends series finale, Rachel decides to get off the plane and go to Paris and her dream job so she can live happily ever after with Ross, but it doesn't make any sense. Ross and Rachel have been a part of the central romance, and they would — they wouldn't — they plotted the entire 10 seasons of Friends, and the show's final episode was meant to bring them together at last. However, the way this was done left several unanswered questions and completely destroyed Rachel's character arc for the entire series.

Season 10 of "Friends" sees Rachel prepare to move to France, making a huge leap in her career. Rose has always had a hard time supporting her career choices, and Rachel's friend season 10's job offer in Paris is no exception. He's terrified of losing her, so in a last-ditch effort, he chases her at the airport, tells her he loves her, and begs her to stay. Of course, he didn't get the right answer at the time, but later (after building some healthy expectations), Rachel showed up at the apartment and announced she'd gotten off the plane -- just for him.

Rachel's Choice To Abandon Her Dream Job In Friends For Ross Shouldn't Have Been Easy

Rachel's dramatic appearance at Ross' apartment is a grand romantic gesture Ending the Friends series, but not that easy. She plans to move to another country entirely, not only for herself, but for her daughter as well. It's not an easy job, and it's just as hard to quit. In the Friends finale, Rachel not only gave up a move, but also a job. So, after leaving the plane, she may have gained a boyfriend, but lost more. The friends didn't explain what Rachel's plans were - other than to be with Ross.

To make matters worse, when Ross first found out that Rachel had accepted a job in Paris, he had several interactions with Rachel's former boss at Ralph Lauren, almost guaranteeing that she would not Get hired there again. Of course, Rachel didn't know about this. So, after getting off the plane, Rachel took a toll on her career. Compared to love, this seems like an acceptable trade-off. However, in the case of Rachel, it ruined her entire arc.

Rachel's Decision In The Friends Finale Disrupted Her Character Arc & Career

In season 10 of Friends, Rachel goes from spoiled to Girls don't even know how to hand off "one of those jobs" to fashion professionals. She proves that she not only has what it takes to survive without her father's success, but that she has the intelligence and passion to create that success for herself. It's something Rose struggles to come to terms with, and his frustration with her changing careers causes their friends to "break up" their breakup. Still, despite her broken heart, Rachel's accomplishments went to the next level.

Thus, when Rachel gave up her career for a man who never supported her from the start, she threw her serial development out the window. It also means that Rose's arc has been stalled, and getting in the way of her work again only proves that he never learns from his mistakes. In the end, it should be Rose who makes the sacrifice. Perhaps, he could have shown up in France and declared that he would always be there for her (pun intended). In the end, many choices were enough, but Rachel giving it all up wasn't the Friends ending she deserved.

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