How Too Hot To Handle's Francesca makes the perfect villain

Francesca Farago (Too Hot To Handle) goes from brunette to vengeful villain on Netflix's new reality show Perfect Match

Too Hot To Handle's Francesca Farago made headlines when she debuted on the show in 2020, but now she's being dubbed the villain on Perfect Match. The YouTuber and social media influencer is once again causing trouble with a new Netflix series, which premiered its first four episodes on the streaming service on February 14. Francesca is known for the way she breaks the rules on THTH, stirring the pot from the very first episode.

Too Hot To Handle's Francesca Farago was one of the few stars not to disappear from the spotlight. Known for her romance with YouTuber and influencer Harry Jowsey, she wasted most of her money on forbidden intimacy. Still, the fame she gets from the show is far more than a few thousand dollars. She even went on to appear in an episode of "Love Is Blind: After the Altar," when Giannina Gibelli confronted Francesca about her friendship with her fiancé, and "Love Is Blind" co-star Damian Damian Powers. By the time Francesca appears on Perfect Match in February 2023, she's already known as a real troublemaker.

Francesca Farago Shows Her True Colors On Perfect Match

A perfect match over four episodes, Francesca portrays herself as the ruthless, competitive, murderous villain on Netflix's reality show All-Star Dating Competition. Francesca's Perfect Match casting is confusing at first, but it quickly becomes clear she's not in it for love. In the first episode, Francesca is attached to Dom Gabriel in The Mole, who is considered an emotional underdog. Before she assesses her victim and pounces, she openly admits in her confession that she got what she wanted, and that the guy she's dating is obsessed with her, which she loves. However, it wasn't enough for Francesca to be paired with someone and find her perfect match; she also had to meddle in other people's matches.

Francesca Farago Wants To Win, Not Find Love

Francesca openly plays the game instead of trying to find love. In the first episode, Francesca not only bonds with a man who will do everything for her, but also tries to break up The Circle's Joey Sasso and Sexy Beasts' Kariselle Snow. It's unclear if this is because Francesca feels they're a perfect match for their position in the game, or if she's jealous because she and Joy also hooked up before. she After meeting Georgia Hassarati, she also pulled her aside, saying she shouldn't be compared to Chase DeMoor, which caught Georgia off guard. Any roommate who pays attention to her is aware of her desire to control the house.

Francesca's public villainy takes shape in Perfect Match season 1, episode 3, when Savannah Palacio of The Circle realizes her match with Nick Uhlenhuth, also of The Circle, is short-lived. She's focused on Dom, whom she's been interested in since the first episode, but Francesca, who shares a lot on Instagram, pops in before she can make a move. Savannah's brief chat with Dom turns into a full-blown altercation with Francesca, who vows to throw the "shady man" out of the house when Savannah just wants to find her match. In the end, Savannah left the house that night because Francesca got what she wanted.

The final proof of Francesca's blatant villainy appears at the end of Perfect Match episode 4. After winning a compatibility contest with Dom, the couple starts dating. It's clear that Francesca is faking any romantic interest in Dom, which is clearly faking because Francesca is dating someone in 2023. However, she She lights up when the two of them go to the board room to decide which new contestants to bring in. When Damian from "Love Is Blind" shows up at the board, she sends herself off to the date, leaving Dom glumly back inside the house.

Francesca is the villain. With her obvious good looks and bold personality, she made everyone around her cater to her whim. Francesca is openly trying to control the other players' emotions, whether it's making sure Dom keeps her at home, or pairing the girl with a less compatible partner, so she's still on top. Inviting Damian to be her perfect match was the final straw, allowing the players to recognize Francesca as a player with a tight budget and for whom winning was the ultimate goal. Despite the confusing premise of Perfect Match, it's clear Too Hot To Handle's Francesca is the player to watch.

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