How hackers flooded London in Liaison Episode 1?

Apple TV+ Liaison stars two ex-lovers who must work together to stop an international cyber attack. Here's some insight into a big deal in Episode 1.

Episode 1 of Liaison on Apple TV+ left the show with a major answer to the question of how London got flooded. Liaison follows private contractor Gabriel (Vincent Cassel) and Alison, assistant to the UK's Department of Cyber ​​Security, as they try to stop an international cyber attack. The two protagonists have a complicated past stemming from their tumultuous romantic relationship. Liaisons Episode 1 spends time introducing the main characters and hackers. The focus on both sides makes for a richer viewing experience than is usually found in spy thrillers.

Two hackers, Samir and Walid, were introduced to Syria, where they uncovered a scheme with major implications for cybersecurity in several European countries. In the UK, the system has already been disrupted by a video message showing Puss in Boots singing "London Bridge is falling down" before the bridge collapses and Puss falls into the water. At first, not everyone was convinced that cyberattacks were really dangerous. Even after London was flooded by a technical error in the Thames locks, some are still in disbelief.

Liaison Episode 1's Hacker Broke Into The Thames Barrier System

The Thames Barrier stops the Thames from flowing into London. Construction of the Thames Locks began in 1982 and consists of 10 gates reaching a height of 1,700 feet across the river. The barrier closes immediately after low tide to create an empty "reservoir" for the river to fill. In Liaison Episode 1, the hacker was able to overwrite the system so the barrier couldn't be repositioned. The heavy rain poured down, and the river flowed into the city, causing a major flood.

When Alison of Eva Green and her team spoke to the operator of the Thames Locks system, he said he had never seen anything like this before. Alison's boss, Mark Bolton, shrugged his shoulders after the operator admitted the system hadn't been updated since 2002. Alison appears to be one of the few people who has followed the two hackers so closely.

Why Liaison's Thames Hack Is Such A Clever Way To Set Up The Show

Liaison's Thames hack demonstrates how far-reaching the reach of skilled hackers can be in an age where so many technological systems are controlled. Liaison builds on the threat of hacking by presenting viewers with a massive power move while avoiding clichés about hacking. Since Liaison takes the time to introduce her characters, the first episode also needs to convey a sense of danger that will drive the rest of the series.

while There's no shortage of good spy thrillers, and Liaison prioritizes character development between its protagonists. With riveting performances from Vincent Casser and Eva Green, Liaison Episode 1 gives viewers a taste of the gist of this riveting thriller. Liaison Episode 1 is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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