Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Get the Concentration Potion

Players can reduce spell cooldowns with the Hogwarts Legacy Potion of Concentration. Discover where to buy or how to brew this potion yourself

By using the Focus Potion from Hogwarts Legacy, players can reduce the cooldown of all spells, allowing them to unleash a variety of powerful spell combinations. Potions are very useful consumables in Hogwarts Legacy, with many different effects. While many can be purchased directly from Hogsmeade, players can arguably benefit from brewing their own. To do this, they need to unlock the mysterious Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Castle in order to establish Herbalism and Pharmacy Stations. These allow players to farm certain potion ingredients and brew potent elixirs to use in battle.

The Concentration Potion requires three ingredients: three Lacewings, a Fire Tongue Stalk, and a Dugbog Tongue. Some of these can be found in Hogsmeade Village, where players can purchase Focus Potion recipes and many potion ingredients directly from J. Pippin's Potions Shop. However, by tracking down these potion ingredients in the open world, players can save their Galleons to buy other useful items, such as spell crafting, or even their very own broomstick.

Where To Find Ingredients For The Focus Potion In Hogwarts Legacy

Lacewings are very common and can be found throughout the Hogwarts grounds, especially on the way up From the castle to Hogsmeade. Tracking lacewing flies isn't particularly tricky. Players should keep an eye out for bushes full of glowing insects during their journey.

Interacting with these bushes will cause a flock of lacewings to fly away, allowing the player to catch flies to use in their potions. Lacewings are one of the most common potion ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy, and players can find them without much searching.

The Fluxweed Stem is relatively rare and must be grown in large pots in the House of Requirement. To do this, players need to head to The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade, which sells seeds and some potion ingredients. To obtain fluxweed stems, players need to purchase Fluxweed seeds that can be planted and harvested.

It's worth noting that players can obtain the Stalk of Weed by purchasing 150 Galleons directly from The Magic Neep. However, although seeds cost 350 Galleons, they let players create a renewable, sustainable resource that is arguably a better investment.

Finally, in order to obtain the Dugbog Tongue, the player must track down and defeat the dugbogs that appear in the swamp area. Players new to the Hogwarts legacy Might not get mounts or brooms to make long journeys easier. For these players, the best option is to go to the Forbidden Forest fast travel point. Once in the forest, the player should keep left until they reach the river bank, where they can fight Dagthorn Swamp. Tracking and fighting dugbogs in Hogwarts Legacy can be difficult, and players should be prepared with their best offensive spells.

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