Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Buy Horklump Juice

In Hogwarts Legacy, Horklump Juice, the ingredient for Wiggenweld Potion, can be found in basements and in the wild near caves, and can also be purchased for 50 gold.

Horklump Juice is used as an ingredient in the Wiggenweld Potion, a healing potion in Hogwarts Legacy. Although Horklumps appear to be a spiky fungus, they are actually fleshy magical beasts. They are described as huge, purple, hairy mushrooms with bristles and multiple legs, and are often used as a food source for domesticated magical creatures such as hippogriffs and snails^ Although the Hogwarts Heritage map The size is not as large as many contemporary maps for open-world games, which feel large because of how dense and detailed they are. Horklumps, one of the many sources of potions in Hogwarts Legacy, can be identified as clumps of purple mushrooms growing in raised mounds. Players can harvest mushrooms in the wild or buy juice from vendors.

Horklump Juice is a relatively common find in the wild, usually spawning outside of Vaults or Caves. Horklump Hollow, north of Hogsmeade, is the best place to harvest, which is logical, as the name suggests. YouTuber Joe Hammer Gaming also suggests a quick trip to Aranshire in the southeast of the map. Horklumps grow outside the three vaults located in the area. Horklumps regeneration time is three game days, and each harvest yields a juice.

Horklump Juice Location in Hogwarts Legacy

The easiest and least economical way to get Horklump Juice is to buy it. Players who don't want to take part in the farming expeditions, or who are tired of walking after the Hogwarts legacy has forced them to use lots of stairs, can head to J Pippin's Potions in Hogsmeade.

Where To Buy Horklump Juice in Hogwarts Legacy

His shop is marked on the map with a potion icon, just across the bridge from The Magic Neep, where students can buy seeds. Pippin sells this ingredient for 50 gold, but he doesn't have an infinite stock. There is a stock-in period, which means players cannot buy their Horklump Juice in bulk. Horklump Juice is one of the most important ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy, especially for those playing on Hard difficulty.

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Source: YouTube | Joe Hammer Games

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