Hogwarts Legacy: List of Best Spell Levels

A full analysis and ranking of every spell in the Hogwarts legacy.

Some spells in Hogwarts Legacy are clearly superior to others, while others can be a complete waste of time. Level lists help players understand spells that can improve gameplay and beat the game. Players looking to become the best spellcasters around will want to focus on using their best spells and talents to quickly take down opponents and further their progress through the game.

Ultimately, the spells players decide to use are up to them, and some situations may require the use of very specific spells. Whether it's advancing the main storyline, completing each side quest, or battling tough opponents in the Dark Arts Arena, let's break down every spell in the game and see which ones come out on top.

Hogwarts Legacy Spell Ranking Criteria

We have unlocked and tested every spell in the game and ranked them from best to worst (S > A > B > C > D > F). While all spells have their uses, the ones a player should have at hand boil down to a few criteria: ^S Tier: These are the most powerful spells in the game, and are often Whenever available, it can be used on cooldown to maximize damage and progress. Grabbing talents that enhance these spells is a must. They will be cast multiple times throughout the game, and slottable spells are easily accessible on Spell Sets.

Best Spells To Use In Hogwarts Legacy

Best Spells In Hogwarts Legacy

The whole game revolves around ancient magic, so these are of course the best spells. Whenever the strongest enemies are available, use ancient magic to drain their massive health, and you're also invulnerable when casting spells. Or knock down a smaller enemy with one hit. Getting the most combos and getting the talent that builds the Ancient Meter faster will make your life a lot easier as you'll be able to cast this spell more often.

Ancient Magic

As with ancient magic, the player's throwing ability is also very powerful when there is an object nearby to use it. Whenever you're in combat, keep an eye out for any hints of throwing objects at enemies, as they'll break their shields and deal a lot of damage. Grabbing Expelliarmus and Transformation Talents can make for some pretty powerful combos.

Ancient Magic Throw

This ability removes the need for healing potions. it Has 4 effective purposes: to block incoming attacks, to counter with stuns or to deal damage with perfect timing and break shields, and finally, with the Protego Absorption talent, it also builds ancient magic meters. There are 2 other talents that further enhance this ability when perfectly timed: double the damage output and break the shields of all enemies around you.


This spell keeps enemies out of combat for a long time. With an associated talent, it can cause any object or enemy to be thrown, dealing massive amounts of explosive damage. This is the safe version of Avada Kedavra


This is the spell for any player who wants to make the Stealth Build work. Grabbing the top talent in the Stealth tree will get Avada Kedavra funding. As long as the player stays undetected (looting all the talents in the sneak tree helps a lot with this) many targets can be taken out quickly, no need to cast and unforgivable curse.

Petrificus Totalus

Another spell that disables enemies, but also makes them attack enemies, which is a very powerful tool in spell concentration. this Its talent is very useful in black magic builds to help spread the curse faster, thus increasing the total damage output, even if one doesn't want to use the Ultimate Killing Curse. ^A Tier: These spells are also very powerful and will be used a lot too, players should at least use these spells in their spell set for any engagement.


This is going to be one of the most hotly debated spells, and many players may choose not to use it or simply skip getting it. That being said, this is a very powerful spell that can kill any target in one hit. Thanks to the final talent, players built with the Dark Arts talent will be able to clear a room with a single spell.

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Strong Hogwarts Legacy Spells

Bombarda is one of the strongest regular damage attacks, it has a slightly longer cooldown, but when gifted can deal massive damage to multiple groups of targets and also separate them by great distances. Another must-have spell in your spell set.

Avada Kedavra

Diffindo is a very powerful spell that deals high damage. Although it has a bit longer cooldown than the others, you'll want to Use it anytime. The talent allows it to pierce enemies, but it's sometimes difficult to line them up to benefit from it; the bonus damage from time to time is welcome though.


Stealth is not a very developed aspect of the game, as there are only 4 talents, 2 of which are duplicates. But there's something to be said for a build that takes advantage of all of that. On its own, Blackout will allow players to simply bypass areas that might be difficult to fight, and in addition, Petrificus Totalus is a very powerful spell that, while not a one-hit kill, can still take on many targets. It's also a great way to get better gear!


Expelliarmus does deal a small amount of damage, but more importantly it makes enemies no longer have weapons, making them temporarily unusable. This talent is essential because disarmed weapons can be thrown and used against them for extra damage.


Levitating targets make them less threatening, and its fast cooldown means that if you don't, targets can remain suspended in the air almost indefinitely hit it. Grabbing this talent is a must for keeping multiple enemies from attacking you.


Casting Revelio will reveal the location of anything in the game that can be interacted with. Players who use this button a lot will discover a lot of important stuff they might otherwise miss, giving them an edge in leveling up faster and getting better loot.


If you find it difficult to try Perfect Protego timing, just hold it down and take it easy. While the stun doesn't last long, the shield break alone is very valuable. The tooltip says it doesn't do any damage, but there is a talent that fixes that. Players who dabble in the dark arts will also appreciate one talent: Spreading Curses.


Tier B: Depending on your playstyle and whether or not you choose to use Unforgiven Curses, all of these spells are still suitable to equip for any situation. These spells are usually only used in specific situations or while some of your other spells are still charging.


Confringo is an early learned solid damage ranged ability that deals moderate amounts of damage Damage to a single target and allows for increased follow-up damage. While not the strongest damage spell, it's good at taking out enemy shields from a distance as a follow-up. This spell is likely to be used a lot, so it's a good idea to choose a relevant talent.

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Good Spells To Use In Hogwarts Legacy

This spell is not particularly powerful on its own, but is useful for spreading curses with the Black Magic Build. With the talent that it can spread to multiple targets, it means that once Avada Kedavra is unlocked, it will be very easy for the talent to quickly kill multiple targets.


This spell is very useful in many situations, slowing down combat and increasing damage output. However, it only affects one target, limiting its use. With the talent, it creates an explosion that damages nearby enemies. Levioso is an excellent control move due to its shorter cooldown and the ability to hit multiple targets early on.


Accio is a great spell that interrupts casting spells on enemies or breaks their shields. It recharges fast and is best used with the Incendio as it is a great short range firepower Explosions are great for close quarters combat. This talent allows multiple targets to be drawn, which can be deadly if paired with the Incendio talent. The bonus effect also unlocks a socket that does not require a Wingardium Leviosa to be equipped.


Due to its short range, it is difficult to use this spell effectively. Most of the time it's best to keep enemies away, giving you enough space and time to react. However, don't remove it completely from your spell set just yet, as it's a great combo to use immediately after Flying. Leveraging the respective talents of these two spells can result in impressively powerful combos of close-range bursts.


This spell is great for giving yourself some space when there are enemies nearby. This also helps in knocking enemies off cliffs. This talent makes it possible to hit multiple enemies, but is of limited use as you usually want to keep the enemy away first. Even when using close range spells, you want enemies clustered together to hit multiple targets. ^C Tier: If you already have the above spells equipped, you may only have a few spell slots left. While these spells still have their situational uses, Depending on your talents and shield breaking needs, you might consider duplicating one of the above spells.


The basic cast damage is lower, but it is good for combos to generate orbs for the ancient magic meter. Grabbing the talent that makes spellcasting recharge faster is essential, and well worth casting between stronger spells. It also allows breaking small objects and collecting things.


The short cooldown is the only thing this spell does. It doesn't do any damage, however, with associated talents, it can become very useful in black magic builds to spread curses very quickly.

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Average Spells

Unfortunately, Arresto Momentum doesn't really offer a significant advantage over other control type spells. While it gives the player more time to think, it doesn't do any harm. Arresto Momentum is a good choice for a Dark Arts build, as the talent applies curses.

Basic Cast

This spell is of limited use, as many targets will not be too high in the air to benefit from the damage it deals. Its talents don't provide much benefit either, as grouping enemies together and letting them in It's hard to get angry. ^D Class: This category is for spells that are normally only used to further the story or exploration. They don't have much use in combat, and likely won't take a place in spell sets.


The Wand-Lighting Charm is only useful for lighting dark areas and finding collectibles such as field guides and chests. This is not a powerful combat spell; however, some vines are susceptible to light, but you can also cast imperio for this.

Arresto Momentum

Alohomora is used to unlock doors via a mini-game. While it's great for spotting hidden objects like Field Guide Pages or Demiguise Statues, it doesn't add any substance to the game. Also, the minigames aren't an engaging experience.


Evanesco is exempt from being F-rated due to the ability to return any item placed by default in the Room of Requirement. Significantly increased the amount of Moonstone available early on.

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Lackluster Spells In Hogwarts Legacy

Tier F: Most of these spells are primarily non-combat spells, or are used in the Room of Requirement for decoration or to obtain materials. Although these spells will not be considered Waste of time, it's best not to have these spells take up any slots in your spell pool during combat. Alternatively, this category could also be considered an "F is for fun" grade, or if husbandry and decor are most important to you.


Unfortunately, Hermione's infamous spells don't deserve slots. Once unlocked, Accio will perform the same function if it lasts long enough.


The Mending Charm doesn't have any non-combat abilities, and is actually only used to advance some missions. Put it in your spell slot only when needed.


Other polymorph spells (summon and alter) and beast rearing spells (pet brush, feed, grab bag) are harder to guarantee.

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Worst Spells To Use In Hogwarts Legacy

Potions and plants usable in combat require a lot of preparation to keep these items in stock and remember to use them. If that type of combat is fun for you, go for it, and there are even plenty of talents to make them stronger. With the right talent, people may be inclined to sit back and watch their plants do all the work for them.

Wingardium Leviosa

Beasts are fun to maintain, and they can even improve gear, but it's an entirely optional adventure.


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Everything Else

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