Hogwarts Legacy: The Complete Guide to the Field Guide Page

Collecting all the Field Guide Pages in every area of ​​Hogwarts Legacy is an adventure!

The Field Guide pages are all over the Hogwarts legacy, and they provide experience to level up your character, as well as an addictive scavenger hunt to collect all those collectibles.

There are 186 Field Guide pages in the game, and there are several ways to find them. The game divides them into 3 areas:

Hogwarts Castle can be further divided into 6 wings:

How To Find Field Guide Pages

There are 5 different ways to collect field guide pages, each requiring learning new spells to reveal their locations and collect them. In the chronological order in which each spell is learned, the method of obtaining them is:

Hidden Revelio Field Guide Pages

These are the first type of pages presented to the player upon entering the school in the initial tutorial. These pages are listed in the Favorites menu under the Revelio Pages tab. Casting Revelio produces an audible jingle that grows louder as the player gets closer to the page position. If using a controller, the vibration is another way of knowing where they are, the stronger the vibration the closer you are; the controller will also vibrate harder on one side if the page is facing that way. ^A When Revelios are cast nearby, a yellow outline shows their exact location. Once the player gets very close and casts Revelio again, the page becomes visible and can now be added to the inventory.

The moth painting can be done immediately, no side quest: Like a Moth to a Flame obtained from Lenora Everleigh in the Central Hall of the Library Annex. However, doing so will provide 180 XP, so it's worth doing to help level up.

Moth Painting Field Guide Pages

The player must cast Lumos in front of an empty painting to reveal nearby paintings. Casting Revelio will highlight Moth's location when approached.

Casting Lumos (turning on the light) causes the moth to spin around the player's wand, thus following the player and putting the moth back into the original painting. Casting Lumos, or any other spell, will cause the moth to go into the slot below the painting and a field guide will appear. Sprites will disappear and players can collect Field Guide Pages.

There is a statue of a man holding a sphere over his head, pointing his wand at it. Usually these are placed in corners and out of sight. They have a unique silhouette that makes them easier to spot when Revelio is cast. The player must cast Levioso on them to make the statue disappear and reveal the Field Guide Page and collect it.

Levioso Statue Field Guide Pages

Flying Pages are often seen flying in the air above the player. They will patrol specific paths that repeat. Aim for them, and when they're highlighted, cast Fly to get them.

Flying Field Guide Pages

We see several ways these field guide pages are hidden: the first is a pedestal and pot with a dragon around it, and the second is a sconce with a pot and dragon. Both of these require a fire spell, such as Confringo, which can be cast on further targets and/or Incendio on closer targets. Lighting these braziers will make them disappear and reveal the field guide page.

Dragon Brazier Field Guide Pages

Currently, all of our field guide pages are approximately 95% complete. We will continue to update the guides for each area as we continue to discover the location of each field guide page.

All Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide Page Locations

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