Hogwarts Legacy: Best Talent Development

Knowing which talents are good is crucial since the number of talent points that can be spent is limited and cannot be reclaimed.

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Hogwarts Legacy offers players a talent system to customize their gameplay to enhance their spells and abilities. Although some might say that for an RPG, the overall talent system is a bit superficial. However, since players cannot unlearn a talent of their choice at will, one might be concerned about spending their talent points. This is further complicated by the fact that not all talents can be learned on one character.

With only 50 talents to choose from, up to 36 at level 40, choosing the right talents is crucial to getting the most out of their character.

Choosing The Best Hogwarts Legacy Talents

Here is a breakdown of each talent in the Hogwarts legacy; each section begins with a quick reference sheet, then explains the key talents in each category, with helpful advice on choosing the right talents. Guidelines for prioritizing talent selection and promotion will be given at the end of the article.

Spells Talents

Starting at level 5, the main talents players want to get early on are Levioso Mastery and Confringo Mastery. These are two powerful spells that are cast quite often at all stages of the game game. Diffindo Mastery is also a good option as it does a lot of damage, but can be difficult to line up multiple enemies so that the projectile penetrates all of them. Regardless, Diffindo is still a powerful spell, so the surprise bonus damage is welcome. Incendio Matery, Accio Mastery, and Depulso Mastery are all better for close quarters combat, pull multiple targets with Accio, burn them with Incendio, and blast them with Depulso.

At level 16, Bombardo Mastery is a very important talent; the base spell does a lot of damage, and the effect will divide enemies considerably. Descendo Mastery is not very strong because the extra thrust is weak in comparison. Glacius Mastery is another great talent that increases damage against multiple targets.

At level 22, Shapeshifting Mastery is a must-have skill, as not only is it a quick way to take out enemies, it also provides a powerful explosive that can be thrown to do a lot of damage and hit multiple targets.

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Dark Arts Talents

Beginning at level 5, Blood Curse is one of the key spells to get the most out of the Black Magic Tree. However, as early as Curses are applied less often until deeper into the tree. Curse of Stunning and Curse of Disarming are great ways to inflict curse effects, as stunners and disarming weapons will be used a lot throughout the game.

At level 16, Persistent Curse is very important to keep the curse from doing damage to the target, thanks to the Blood Curse. If you choose to use the Unforgivable Curse, Crucio Mastery and Imperio Mastery are important for spreading the curse.

At level 22, Avada Kedavra Mastery is one of the most powerful spells in the game, and the ultimate spell that makes dark magic structures incredibly powerful. Curse Sapper is a nice talent to use to improve survivability.

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Core Talents

At level 5, Basic Spellcasting Mastery is one of the best spells, as it allows more powerful spells to be cast more often. Protego Absorption is also really good, as Ancient Spells are one of the most powerful spells in the game. At some point, the player will learn many spells, but none of them fit into one spellset; grabbing all the spell lore talents means the player doesn't have to keep going Go to the spell menu to equip their spells. But depending on your progress at 5th level, you might only need 1 extra spell set so you can save that talent for more important things. Ancient Magic Throw Expertise is very powerful once you learn the Expelliarmus spell. Swift is very useful for traversing areas of the map that don't allow flying, especially in Hogsmeade, while searching semi-camouflaged statues and indoor areas for field guide pages. The Wiggenweld Potion is useful for those of us who cannot be asked to dodge or block incoming attacks.

At level 16, both basic spellcasting air absorb and evasion absorb are great for building ancient gauges. Other talents are up to player preference or at most contingent

At level 22, stun feat is recommended, as stun will be cast quite often. Protego Mastery, like Protego Expertise, is very powerful, but only useful if you can master the timing blocks perfectly.

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Stealth Talents

Due to the one-hit-kill nature of Petrificus Totalus, invisibility is a very powerful option in Hogwarts Legacy. All these talents help to sneak through the particularly tricky sections; And top talent is a must. It's a bit unfortunate that there are so few options here that you can ignore them entirely if stealth isn't your thing.

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Room of Requirement Talents

Room of Requirement talents are a little harder to recommend, as they require an extra step to take full advantage of them. Not only do players need to spend time crafting or buying these consumables, but they must also be stored in their inventory in order to benefit from the associated talents. There's also the problem that only one quick slot is available, which means having to stop and navigate the item menu to select another.

All of these talents help improve the efficiency of potions and plants in combat, but none are particularly necessary. Both Edurus Potion and Maxima Potion are very powerful potions, and their corresponding talents are a welcome addition.

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Best Talent Builds For Hogwarts Legacy

Ultimately, which talents a player chooses depends on the uniqueness of each individual, and choosing the best talents comes down to 2 key guidelines:

Damage: Players will want to focus on unlocking those Do the most damage first. Choosing talents that enhance these spells is crucial. Some issues for players interested in role-playing need to be addressed. Unforgivable Curse is very powerful, especially in the late game with the right talents. If one chooses not to go that route, then they can also decide whether to dabble in the dark arts, since there are still some valuable points there, or spend them elsewhere.

Function: The function of some abilities is not to deal damage directly, but to give the player a strategic advantage. Interrupting an enemy's ability to deal damage, such as knockback, slow, stun, and even using consumables like potions and plants, can help players take a step back and control crowds.

Quality of Life: Finally, depending on the player's progress in the game, there are some key talents the player should pay attention to that will make combat less tedious.

Talent Progression

Starting at level 5, here is a suggestion for choosing a talent. A lot depends on your playstyle, whether it's strictly spell-based, stealth-based, or curse-based.

At this point, players can spend their Whatever they want, because the ones above are probably the most beneficial early on. If a player finds themselves using the Wiggenweld Potency talent a lot, they can also choose these talents at any time. It is recommended to keep the Core, Spell, and Sneak trees for regular play, or grab the remaining trees in Black Magic to use more spells to spread the curse.

* Note that while Avada Kedavra's talent is at level 22, the spell is not available until level 27.

Stealth Build

While Avada Kedavra is without a doubt one of the best spells, it does require the player to make a key decision about whether they want to be considered evil in the game. If the player does choose to use these spells, it doesn't have any serious impact on the game other than a few small changes at the end of the game. Having said that, if you're looking for a very powerful build that doesn't require using the #Unforgiveable curse, then the Stealth build might be for you.

Basically, all you have to do is pick up every stealth talent, making sure to have a Available after reaching level 22. In the end, there is a serious excess of talent. The Petrificus Totalus ability to hit multiple targets and spam it repeatedly makes Killing Curse worthwhile.

Plants and Potions Master Build

While brewing potions and harvesting plants isn't for everyone, having to keep these consumables in your inventory is a rather tedious job. However, if players maximize their talents in the Room of Requirement, they may not need to cast many spells at all. Given that the game pauses whenever the Tools menu is accessed, this means players can stack all potions at once, become invincible, invisible, and surpass power levels. They can also send out loads of plants with the fertilizer talent to use with munching cabbage, which means they can sit back and relax knowing their minions will do all the work.

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