Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Potions

The best potions in Hogwarts Legacy give players an extra edge in battle, either by boosting their spell damage or boosting their defense.

The best potions are brewed in the Hogwarts legacy and can give players certain advantages in battle, from increasing spell damage to restoring health. Crafted at the potion station in the Room of Requirement, players need specific potion recipes to craft them. While there are only seven types of potions available, players should prioritize specific recipes as they offer greater advantages.

Two potions that players probably don't want to focus on are the Invisibility Potion and Blessings, the latter only available to those who pre-order Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation 5. The reason these potions are less popular and useful is that two spells accomplish the same function with fewer resources and no ingredients. The Disillusionment Charm makes the player invisible for a shorter period of time than a potion, but the player must spend a lot of Galleons for recipe parts at Hogsmeade's shop in Hogwarts Legacy to do so easily with magic alone.

Restore Health With The Wiggenweld Potion

Players who take their first potions class in the main story learn how to make the Wiggenweld potion, a restorative potion that restores health when used in combat. A A consistent tool in any dangerous situation, players will undoubtedly want to have lots of this potion in their inventory when exploring an area with lots of enemies like the Forbidden Forest. One of the few potion recipes given to players for free early in the game, making the Wiggenweld Potion in Hogwarts Legacy requires only two ingredients, a Dittany Leaf and a vial of Horklump Juice.

It may be wise to buy this potion in bulk from J. Pippin's Potions in Hogsmeade, where there are bundles of 100 Galleons. The aforementioned ingredients are also sold at relatively low prices, making this potion very useful and plentiful for players who often find themselves in the middle of battle. Simply press the D-pad on controllers for Xbox and PlayStation players or the G keybind for PC players to restore your character's health during battle.

Increase Defense Through the Endurus Potion

Endurus Potion provides players with better defense against the Dark Arts, as the Hogwarts Legacy later quests have higher level enemies to deal with. Consuming this elixir grants a character a rock-solid appearance for a limited time, reducing their damage from various attacks.

Unfortunately, players must brew this potion themselves in the Room of Requirement, rather than getting it from the main quest. The ingredients for Endurus Potion, Ashwinder Eggs, and Mongrel Fur are a little harder to find, as the former only spawns in a limited number of lairs in the open world. The potion's base ingredients are fairly rare, but the powerful effects give players enough incentive to seek them out in the Hogwarts estate before embarking on dangerous quests.

Buff Every Spell With Maxima & Focus Potions

After purchasing the recipes for Maxima Potion and Focus Potion from J. Pippin's Potions for approximately 800 Galleons each, the player will gain enhanced magic when casting any type of spell. Crafted from leech juice and spider fangs, Maxima Potion increases spell damage for a short period of time, enhancing offensive spells like Confringo or Incendio. Certain spell combinations are more likely to defeat boss enemies in less time when the player takes Maxima Potion at the right time, especially since the potion also affects the special attacks of the Ancient Magic Gauge in Hogwarts Legacy.

Therefore, this potion requires more ingredients to craft, including lacewing flies, Dugbog Tongue and Fluxweed Stem. The Fluxweed Stem is especially hard to come by, as it requires a specific form schematic and a suitable pot to grow from the Tomes and Scrolls shop in the House of Requirement.

Constantly Damage Enemies Through the Thunderbrew Potion

Arguably the most powerful potion in the game, the Thunderbrew Potion in Hogwarts Legacy creates a massive storm around the drinker, stunning and dealing damage to nearby enemies within a certain radius. The recipe was very expensive, with players spending a whopping 1,200 Galleons at J. Pippin's Potion Shop. Like the Focus Potion's Flux Weed Stem, Thunderbrew requires Shrivelfig Fruit as one of its ingredients, which players can buy from Hogsmeade's shop or grow themselves.

The other two ingredients needed to craft Thunderbrew are Leech Juice and the Stink of the Dead, the former being found in the open world near large bodies of water. Some of the most powerful enemies in the game, the Inferius monsters, occasionally drop the Stink of the Dead when defeated, making Thunderbrew a reward for challenging such foes. Inferi prowl around the highland graveyard in Hogwarts Legacy, usually at night Players who wish to acquire the tools to make large quantities of Thunderbrew potions.

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