Hogwarts Legacy: The 10 Best Cloaks You Need to Find ASAP

Players can discover a wide variety of clothing and accessories during their adventures, but which Hogwarts Heritage cloaks are the best?

Most students in Hogwarts Legacy are required to wear traditional school uniforms when attending classes and exploring the castle, but luckily players have complete freedom to choose which cloak to wear. The classic Hogwarts uniform is undoubtedly a safe and comfortable choice, especially for longtime fans of the main Harry Potter series, but fashion-forward players can create dozens of robes and costumes in the game. However, out of all the cloaks in the Hogwarts legacy, ten stand out (and certainly reflect the status of the protagonist).

In an open world RPG, gear is completely randomized, which means items are not guaranteed to have any specific perks or stats. Of course, higher rarity outfits tend to be more useful than their counterparts, but in general, there isn't a foolproof way to get the most powerful gear in the game. However, thanks to the ease of changing the look of gear in Hogwarts Legacy, players can at least be sure they're getting the coolest gear.

10 Hogwarts Legacy's Velvet House Cloak Is A Step-Up

Those who prefer the simplicity of traditional school uniform, but still want to stand out from the crowd, should look out for the velvet cloaks from the Hogwarts legacy (above via HarryNinetyFour on YouTube). Depending on the student's house, the robes will come in bright red, striking yellow, cool blue or lush green, all of which will be trimmed with gold. It's certainly a step up from the normal Hogwarts uniform, but it still maintains its classic silhouette and style, so players don't feel too out of place in class - just slightly superior.

9 The Starry-Eyed Seer's Cape Is A Dazzling Robe

On the other hand, Starry-Eyed Seer's Cape is a bold statement. The cloak can be obtained by finding all the observatories in the game, no small task considering the true size of the Hogwarts Heritage map. In the end, though, it's worth the detour because this cloak is one-of-a-kind. The back of the Starry-Eyed Seer's Cape is navy blue with an intricate geometric pattern and gold stars. But the underside of the cape, adorned with dozens of shining stars, really captures the beauty of the night sky.

8 Spider Slayer Armor Is A Unique Outfit

The most unique piece of equipment offered by Hogwarts Legacy is the Spider Slayer Armor. Although classified as a cloak, this piece of armor is far from it. Putting on this item will enable students to Looks less like a witch or wizard and more like one of the school's living knight statues.

Players can unlock the Spider-Slayer armor in Hogwarts Legacy by killing ten spiders and collecting the associated challenge rewards, or they can sometimes find it on spider corpses. Students with arachnophobia, such as Ron Weasley (descendant of Professor Matilda Weasley), may not have such a good time with this task - but this approach to Dark Souls cosplay The equipment is indeed worth a look.

7 Herodiana's Cape Is Quest-Exclusive

Another popular cloak in Hogwarts Legacy is Herodiana's Cape. With its white and gold color scheme, minimalist design, and asymmetrical hem, the item looks almost modern and very sleek compared to most other items offered in the game. The Cloak of Herodiana is unlocked in the "Halls of Herodiana" quest, which will also give players the matching uniform, hat, and gloves.

6 Hogwarts Legacy's Fashionable Dress Robes Are A Harry Potter Easter Egg

If the costume robes look familiar, it's because this is not the first time they have appeared in the Harry Potter series. In the main series, it's Ron Weasley's dated Yule Ball costume - but in the 1890s setting of the Hogwarts legacy, they It seems to be more suitable for the current fashion trend. This Harry Potter Easter Egg is a must-have, if not a reference to Ron's iconic outfit, then it's for witches and wizards who like to dress a little more formally (or "contemporary", like a sleek dress robe) Outerwear game description).

5 The Leather Winter Cloak Is A Warm Choice In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has a season cycle that changes slowly as the player progresses through the main storyline. So, about halfway through the game, they'll find themselves living through a harsh winter in the Scottish Highlands - while the students can't mechanically freeze to death, it makes sense for them to wear warmer clothing, such as Leather Winter cloak. With simple fur trim and a neutral color palette, this coat is a year-round staple, but in the fall and winter months it can blend in while staying stylish.

4 Hogwarts Legacy's Beast Rescuer Robe Is A Seasoned Outfit

After completing the main Hogwarts Legacy questline, players may begin to focus on expanding their zoo and taming the world's unique herd of beasts. Students like this may be looking for more utilitarian clothing, and they may find what they're looking for in Beast Rescuer robe. While similar in design to the Leather Winter Cloak, it stands out with its clean silhouette, subtle patchwork elements, and silver accents that give it a more utilitarian look.

3 The Dragonhide Protector's Cloak

The Dragonhide Protector's Cloak is one of the coolest pieces of equipment in Hogwarts Legacy. As the name suggests, this cloak is made of dragon skin, with some dragon scales and small bones dotted on the back, which shows that this student is not easy to mess with. In fact, since players need to kill a Dark wizard in Hogwarts Legacy to obtain the Dragonhide Protector's cloak, simply wearing the item justifies this statement. So even if it's impossible to ride a dragon in-game, it's the next best option.

2 The Dark Arts Robe Is A Hogwarts Legacy DLC Outfit

For wizards and witches wishing to pursue a more sinister path, the Dark Arts Robes are the perfect accessory for their nefarious cause. With its black and gray color scheme, unique hem, and animated skull that moves across the cape, it's one of the best-looking costumes in the game. The downside of the Black Magic Robe is that it can only be purchased by The Dark Arts Pack from Hogwarts Legacy, but for players who lean towards the darker side of magic, it might be worth the money.

1 Hogwarts Legacy's Best Cloak Is The House Relic Uniform

However, the best cloak is the House Relic Uniform. This robe can only be found by unlocking the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy, but students will be richly rewarded for their trials and tribulations. While certain elements vary from family to family, each variant has an intricate emblem on the back that lights up when the player casts a spell or even simply walks through a dark area of ​​the map. Its regal silhouette, House uniqueness, and interactive iridescent glow make the House Relic Uniform the best cloak in Hogwarts Legacy.

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