HBO Quietly Fixed Our Last Filming Mistake After Backlash

"The Last of Us" recent filming blunders found themselves being quietly fixed by HBO after fans strongly objected to the return of the network's bad traditions.

After being named for the error, HBO quietly fixed the filming error of "The Last of Us". Based on Naughty Dog's video game of the same name, the post-apocalyptic series follows Pedro Pascal's smuggler Joel and Bella Ramsay's teenage Ellie as they travel across the country in hopes of bringing her to Cordyceps Immunity to the virus translates into a vaccine that saves the world. While The Last of Us has garnered widespread praise for its fidelity, performances, and production values, one element of The Last of Us has found itself the subject of some backlash.

With more than 12 hours until the premiere of the new series, HBO is quietly beginning to fix recent filming errors on The Last of Us, as noted by the Twitter account Naughty Dog Central.

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As noted above, the post reveals that the network went back to The Last of Us Episode 6 to correct multiple errors that fans discovered when it first aired, spotting a crew and a filmmaker in Winterfall The group members propped up Shimmer's head on their hands in their first meeting with Ellie.

Will HBO Get Ahead of Further Filming Mistakes?

"The Last of Us" episode 6 featured multiple filming errors, continuing the recent unfortunate tradition of major HBO shows. Game Game of Thrones season 8 infamously saw a Starbucks cup placed directly in front of Emilia Clarke's Daenerys, while the series finale also saw cast and crew littered with a handful of plastic water bottles on the ground. Just before The Last of Us, the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon saw King Viserys' green-covered fingers clearly visible, rather than invisible, as part of the character's flesh-eating disease.

Although HBO has now corrected the errors in The Last of Us episode 6 and others, the question now is whether the network can get ahead of any other filming errors. Considering that HBO is largely touted as the pinnacle of premium cable programming, it would be rather embarrassing if they continued to allow such mistakes to pass rather than quadruple check every frame of an episode before airing of.

However, while they may cause some backlash, the reality is that it may be better for HBO to allow other filming mistakes in the future just for word of mouth. Because of its dedication, The Last of Us quickly became a hit on HBO and HBO Max While episode 6's misshoot proves that even the most famous films can have missable mistakes, it sparked further conversations among eagle-eyed viewers. With a few episodes left and a season 2 already ordered, it will be interesting to see if there are any other filming mistakes with The Last of Us that viewers spot.

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