Grey's Anatomy season 19 needs to decide what to do with Joe and Link

Link and Joe's friendship has been a staple of Grey's Anatomy over the years, but they never took hold after hooking up in season 18.

Jo and Link's friendship has long been one of Grey's Anatomy's closest and best, but the romance they hinted at in Grey's Anatomy Season 18 has yet to be explored, leaving their relationship at the mercy of current uncertainties . While Grey's Anatomy eventually reveals much of Jo's history, her backstory doesn't make it out of her past at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Both her abusive ex-husband Paul and her biological mother negatively affected Jo's life in Seattle, but Link's arrival in Grey's Anatomy season 15 did the opposite, providing Jo with both her past as Brooke and her past as Joe. One of the few positive connections between their lives.

Link and Jo's friendship provides insight into their past, allowing Grey's Anatomy to explore a variety of timely topics and lead to learning more about them. On Grey's Anatomy seasons 15-19, Joe and Link's friendship proved to be one of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital's best friendships, showing the two fully reciprocating through difficult, happy or surprising times supportive, and provided one of the few friendships in Grey's Anatomy. Destroyed by seemingly irreconcilable arguments or misguided romantic relationships. However, Joe and Link hook up on Grey's Anatomy season 18 Things change, but instead of attempting a romantic relationship, they walk on eggshells for each other.

Grey's Anatomy Season 19 Needs To Make Jo & Link Get Together Or Break Them

Link's insistence on getting married drives Amelia away, and the first half of Grey's Anatomy season 18 is Link trying to get over her. However, in episode 7 of Grey's Anatomy season 18, Link revealed his crush on Joe as a teenager. This makes Jo re-evaluate their relationship, especially after she witnesses another pair of best friends who she believes are in love with each other. In Grey's Anatomy season 18, Jo and Link started dating after Jo spoke from his heart about how Link shouldn't suffer, but their respective feelings were never explicitly discussed.

Although Joe and Link are caught looking at each other longingly throughout Grey's Anatomy 18, they never face their feelings and develop them at different times. Despite this, Joe rejects any possibility of a romantic relationship with Link from the start, fearful of ruining their friendship. However, despite Joe's choice, Grey's Anatomy season 19 still shows that Joe and Link are unsure of where they stand, not entirely emotional, and unable to return to their old ways Just friends supporting each other.

Grey's Anatomy runs the risk of stretching Jo and Link's will - they won't - their situation too far. Instead of building on the tension between the two and using it to build their potential romance, Grey's Anatomy season 19 left Joe and Link in an awkward situation where they were neither former friends nor lovers . Regardless of whether the medical drama decides to bring lifelong friends together or not, it should choose a path and go on. Otherwise, "Grey's Anatomy" will only risk destroying Joe and Link's friendship without letting them take any decisive steps regarding the relationship between Joe and Link that apparently began in "Grey's Anatomy" season 18. step. ^The Grey's Anatomy season 18 finale encouraged Joe and Link to reconnect as friends, the two bonded over Joe's lover's eccentricities, and Link didn't know Jules Had sex with Jules while being Gray Sloan's intern. However, the two were one of Grey's Anatomy's strongest friendships before Link and Joe's situation reached an awkward stage. Even before revealing interesting tidbits about their past, Grey's Anatomy makes Joe and Link supportive of each other, thus making them each other's reliable friends. what is the relationship.

Link & Jo's Friendship Is 1 Of Grey's Anatomy's Strongest

Not only does Link support Jo during her depressive episodes after meeting her biological mother, but he also recognizes that he can only achieve so much when she needs professional help. Although learning of Amelia's pregnancy in Grey's Anatomy season 16 was more shocking than exhausting for Link, Jo still offered insightful advice and gave Link her full support, reminding him that his feelings were valid and worth expressing, even Amelia's decision is final. Even if things weren't so serious, Jo and Link would be together, and Jo encouraged Meredith and Link to date on Grey's Anatomy season 15. Link's hookup, but the Grey's Anatomy season 18 finale prevented any exploration of Link and Joe's feelings for each other. Jo's decision not to let their friendship be ruined by a potential breakup should they become a couple, which never encouraged discussing their feelings, and even though Grey's Anatomy season 19 showed them a better place, Jo and Link are still Never talked about their feelings. Instead, Grey's Anatomy season 18 had Jo and Link unilaterally miss each other or confide in others what to do.

Joe's affair with Todd in the second half of Grey's Anatomy 18 apparently aroused Link's jealousy, but this did not serve as the catalyst for Joe and Link to finally talk about their feelings for each other, but rather temporarily They resumed their friendship. Joe's connection to Todd, and Link talking about his potential feelings for Joe and Teddy in Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 18, could lead to an eventual confrontation between the two. Instead, it just exacerbates their awkwardness, as they start avoiding any real conversation, quickly destroying their chances of a relationship.

Grey's Anatomy Could Have Started Link & Jo's Relationship In S18

The romantic relationship between Link and Jo may prove something new for Grey's Anatomy. While many of the medical drama's characters hook up after being friendly with each other and even being friends, none have quite the steady, dependable friendship of Joe and Link. Even Owen and Teddy, who have been friends for many years, can't get close to Link and Joe, because most of Teddy's friendship is secretly thinking about Owen. Joe and Link being a couple can build a love story worthy of Grey's Anatomy's best, precisely because they already knew each other well when they started their relationship. Hopefully Grey's Anatomy will decide soon which way Joe and Link should go.

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Link & Jo's Romantic Relationship Would Be New For Grey's Anatomy

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