Grey's Anatomy: Izzie and Alex's Relationship Timeline, Explained

Among the many romances on the long-running series Grey's Anatomy, Izzy and Alex have a sweet, special and complicated relationship.

Izzy Stevens (Katherine Heigl) and Alex Karev's (Justin Chambers) complicated long-term relationship is one of Grey's Anatomy's most memorable romances. Their romance was unexpected at first, as they didn't get along during their internships at Seattle Grace Hospital, but both characters come from broken homes and both aspire to be successful doctors. Grey's Anatomy is known for portraying characters who fall in love through close work, but there's something special and heartfelt about this particular couple. Their roadblocks and arguments make up some of the most memorable moments in the long-running medical drama.

While the show focuses on the love story of Meredith Gray and Derek Shepard, Izzy and Alex also had a significant love story. But while Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) had to say goodbye to her soul mate Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Izzy and Alex finally had a happy ending, albeit one with Their other interactions are just as emotional.

Season 1, Episode 1, "A Hard Day's Night" - Izzie And Alex Meet As Interns

In the pilot episode of Grey's Anatomy, Izzy, Alex, Meredith, George O'Malley (T.R. Knight), and Christina Young (Sandra Oh) meet as interns, with no indication that Alex and Izzy for any sparks. the two of them Appearing a bit aloof, so focused on their new ventures, they didn't take the time to get to know each other. First impressions are important because in a few episodes, they will see each other differently, which will allow them to bond.

Season 1, Episodes 2-9 - Izzie And Alex Focus On Their Internships, He Exposes Her Modelling Photos

In the season 1 episode 2 "The First Cut is the Deepest", Izzie shows that she can be a good doctor while working on her first big case. Alex and Izzie don't interact much in a few episodes, but in episode 4, "No Man's Land," he shows the hospital a photo of Izzie as Bethany Whisper's underwear model. Izzie's pride in making money to support herself through medical school shows her strength, while Alex realizes he shouldn't be so judgmental and immature.

Season 2, Episodes 1-3 - Alex And Izzie Bond And Work Together

In the season 2 episode 1 "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head", Alex and Izzie start flirting with each other, and she helps him realize that it's a smart idea to show patients more empathy instead of just focusing on the diagnosis. When Alex worries about Joe (Steven W. Bailey), a patient with an aneurysm, Izzy realizes that Alex is more caring than he is. she thinks. The road to becoming one of the best Grey's Anatomy couples begins when the characters can no longer ignore their feelings for each other.

Season 2, Episode 4, "Deny, Deny Deny" - Alex And Izzie Have A Lackluster First Date

Although Alex and Izzie are bright and ambitious people, which should give them enough in common to start a happy relationship, their first scene in Season 2 Episode 4 "Deny, Deny, Deny" First dates are tough. Izzie is annoyed at Alex's decision not to kiss her in the end, but proves his stubborn and mysterious nature when he doesn't admit that he's upset about failing his board exam. While the couple will learn to open up to each other, this is a rough point for them.

Season 2, Episodes 5-9 - Izzie And Alex Share Their First Kiss And Are In A Happy Place

This is a turning point in Izzie and Alex's new relationship, as she believes Alex has no real feelings for her, and he's afraid to be honest about what's going on. Alex is a fan-favorite Grey's Anatomy character because he realizes what he did wrong and tries to be a better person, and he knows he has to explore his feelings for Izzie. "Something To Think About" Alex gets braver and kisses Izzie in Emerald in Season 2, Episode 7 City Bar, they kiss again at the hospital in Season 2 Episode 8 "Let It Be". Romance seems to be going well.

Season 2, Episode 10, "Much Too Much" - Alex Is Unfaithful And Sleeps With Olivia

Although Alex seems to be growing up, he makes the mistake of sleeping with nurse Olivia Harper (Sarah Utterbeck) for fear of getting too close to Izzy and being rejected by her. Izzie's frustration is understandable, and it seems she and Alex are done. However, since Grey's Anatomy is a drama where every couple breaks up and gets back together multiple times throughout the storyline, it seems likely that the pair will find their way back to each other. After this tense episode, Alex becomes a better Grey's Anatomy character because he knows he's wrong and wants to be a loyal sidekick.

Season 2, Episodes 11-20 - Alex And Izzie Sleep Together But Remain Broken Up

In the next few episodes, Alex and Izzie avoid each other in the hospital due to the hurt and embarrassment they are going through. In Season 2, Episode 16, "It's the End of the World," they're terrified when a patient comes in with a bomb in his chest, and Izzie asks Alex if he'd like to sleep with her since survival isn't guaranteed. In Season 2, Episode 20, "The Band-Aid Covers The Bullet Hole," Izzie has a palpable feeling for the patient Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who feels she can move on from Alex. His LVAD line to make sure he's safe Get a heart soon. Izzie isn't fired, however, and this is one of the most confusing Izzie episodes in Grey's Anatomy, and one of the darkest and most emotional. She risks her career and He was devastated when he died of a stroke in Season 2 Episode 27 "Losing My Religion".

Season 2, Episodes 21-27 - Izzie And Denny Get Engaged And Denny Dies

Alex and Izzie still broke up in Grey's Anatomy Seasons 3 and 4 as they developed feelings for other people .In Season 3, Izzie and George start seeing each other, which is problematic because he is married to Carly Torres (Sarah Ramirez). Alex falls in love with Rebecca Pope (Elizabeth Ray Thur), who was originally known as Ava, and helps her come to terms with her accident, not remembering her life and her head on good terms with her husband Jeff (Jason London). Both Alex and Izzie become vulnerable to these Others hurt, but some things are missing, which brings them back to each other.

Season 3, Episode 1-Season 4, Episode 17 - Izzie And Alex Are In Other Relationships

While Izzie and Denny are the best couple on Grey's Anatomy because of their strong feelings for each other, Izzie also genuinely cares about Alex, and the characters reunite at the beginning of season 5. They miss each other, and it's clear that the bond they formed in season 1 when they discussed both their unstable homes and distant parents is still intact. When Alex asked if they were dating someone else or just each other, it was the catalyst for their upcoming wedding that allowed them to finally commit.

Season 5, Episodes 1-6 - Alex And Izzie Get Back Together And Alex Wonders If They Are Truly Committed

Over the next few episodes of season 5, Izzy begins to "see" Danny and thinks he's still there. Izzie is hallucinating about Denny as she is dying of cancer, and she hallucinates having sex with him. It's scary and emotional for Alex, who's terrified of losing Izzie now that he's finally got her back, and Izzie who's equally worried about what's happening to her now that she's been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma. When she fears the road ahead, she finds peace, but I remember that she comforted the patient in the same posture every time.

Season 5, Episodes 7-21 - Izzie Is Sick, And Her Relationship With Alex Is In Jeopardy

Meredith's gesture of kindness to Alex and Izzie getting married on the day she and Derek planned is one of the sweetest moments in the entire series. This episode of Grey's Anatomy's wedding is particularly powerful because the vow of "sickness and health" is fulfilled in this moment, and Alex will be a support system for his ailing wife.

Season 5, Episode 22, "What A Difference A Day Makes" - Alex And Izzie Get Married

After Izzie opted to have surgery, Alex reveals that he was terrified of his wife's death, but her surgery went well, proving he's more willing to talk about his emotions. At the start of season 6, the couple began living in a trailer owned by Derek, which led to a humorous storyline in which a bear approaches Alex, who is nervous and terrified. It's a memorable part of the couple's long-term relationship that balances out the stress and sadness that surround them.

Season 5, Episodes 23-Season 6, Episode 4 - Izzie Has Surgery, And The Couple Moves Into Derek's Trailer

Although Izzie is considered one of the best Grey's Anatomy doctors because of her boldness, confidence and naturalness, she also makes mistakes. At the beginning of season 6, she fucked up The patient's dialysis, which ensured she couldn't receive a kidney, and Izzie lost her job. This was the catalyst for her to end their relationship with Alex, because instead of talking to her husband about what happened and relying on his support, she broke his heart and left Seattle.

Season 6, Episode 5, "Invasion" - Izzie Is Fired And Leaves Seattle

When Izzie is away, Alex has to pay for her time in the hospital during her cancer recovery, which emphasizes his responsible character and her impulsive behavior. When she returns in season 6, episode 9, "A New History," he harbors too much resentment to forgive her, and it's clear they're over at this point in the episode.

Season 6, Episodes 6-11 - Alex Worries, Izzie Comes Back, And The Couple Has Problems

Izzie left Grey's Anatomy in season 6 after trying to mend her relationship. Alex expresses his desire for a loving, compassionate, loyal person he can rely on and lets Izzy know their love story is over. What happens next to Izzie has been a mystery for several seasons, but it's clear that Alex has learned a lot about trusting others and making sure his next partner doesn't run away if things go wrong.

Season 6, Episode 12, "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" - Alex Ends The Relationship With Izzie, And She Leaves For Good

No Izzie, Alex yes Meredith grows closer to fellow doctor Lucy Fields (Rachael Taylor) in Season 7. However, he fell in love with Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) in season 9 and they got serious in seasons 11 and 12. Although Alex seems happy and has met his true match, his past with Izzie is coming back to haunt him.

Season 6, Episode 13-Season 12, Episode 2- Alex Moves On And Commits To Jo

Although Jo appears to be a perfect match for Alex, when she realizes that Alex has been paying for embryos belonging to Izzy at the fertility clinic, she realizes that Alex may be the father of Izzy's child. While Alex tries to stay calm and let Jo know that she should forget about it, Jo, who has a hard life, fears being left behind, including an abusive marriage. The series hints at how Izzie threatens Alex's new relationship.

Season 12, Episode 3, "I Choose You" - Jo Learns Alex And Izzie Could Have Children Together

Alex and Joe reconcile and continue their peaceful relationship in seasons 12 and 13, and get married in season 14, episode 24, "All Of Me". Their marriage is happy, and since Izzie moved away, Alex has become dependable; he now has the ability to be the steady partner he always wanted to be yes.

Season 12, Episodes 4-Season 16, Episode 15 - Alex And Jo Get Married And Have A Happy Relationship

Alex and Izzie's unpopular final Grey's Anatomy storyline sees Alex call Izzie after writing a letter of recommendation for Meredith and reminiscing about happy times past. He learns that she is raising their twins, Eli and Alexis, when he hears the children's voices in the background. Meredith reads a letter Alex wrote her and learns he left Jo to make a promise to Izzy. While both Alex and Izzy were happy with the decision, it was a bold move for the series, and the couple's happy ending was marred by Joe's heartbreak.

Season 16, Episode 16, "Leave A Light On" - Alex Learns Izzie Is Raising Their Kids And Moves To Be With Them

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