Goldbergs' Barry and Lainey are endgame both on and off screen, star says

EXCLUSIVE: AJ Michalka reveals what she thinks about the relationship between the Goldbergs' Barry and Lainey, and her belief that the couple will one day get back together.

The Goldbergs may be coming to an end when the season comes to an end, but AJ Michalka believes Lainey and Barry will have a future regardless. AJ Michalka's Lainey and Troy Gentile's Barry are at the center of one of the show's most gripping relationships, getting engaged even before they finally break up. Of course, Michalka left the show in Season 6 to star in her own Lenny-centric spinoff, Schooled. Although Schooled ended in 2020 after two seasons, Lenny has been a rare presence on Goldberg's show, aside from a few guest appearances.

Michalka's own music career may have been a factor, as the actress and singer has been busy recording and performing for the past few years. She did, however, make one appearance in season 10 of The Goldbergs, and showcased her character's deep bond with the Goldbergs. Reflecting on the relationship between Barry and Lainey in an interview with Screen Rant, Michalka revealed that she believed the two were destined to reunite, whether or not it happened over the course of the show (not to mention the two in Schooled, which happened with the Goldbergs. s future). What's this She had to say:

I do think it's one of those kismet relationships where you grow apart, maybe in your 20s, you get a little older and go date other people. That's kind of what they both done. Then I do think they'll find themselves most likely back together, whether that's on air or something we all just want to dream up. I actually think that's where the people behind the scenes of The Goldbergs have always wanted things to go. But we also need time to separate and grow and date other people.

What Makes Barry & Lainey The Goldbergs' Foundational Pairing

AJ Michalka's conviction is not surprising, considering how important the relationship between Barry and Lainey was to the Goldbergs. Lenny was an integral part of the Goldbergs for most of the series, and her breakdown with Barry was one of the most emotional moments of season 6. Their relationship even carried over to Lenny's spin-off series, in which Barry appears at school.

The relationship between Barry and Lainey also had an impact on the show's audience, as the "odd couple"-like nature of the pairing resonated with many who considered themselves in a similar situation. Beyond the solidity of their personalities, the fact that the high school sweethearts soon had to face the realities of pursuing their careers and lives certainly had a profound effect on a large audience. AJ Michalka has seen first-hand the impact of Barry and Lainey's story, as she reveals in an interview:

I really feel like Barry and Lainey are this bizarre pairing that is not only a hilarious one for TV, but also really relatable for some people. I've had people come up to me and be like, "I'm a Lainey, and I'm married to a Barry. It makes no sense, but this is my life." I find it really funny and entertaining. And I think it's an interesting duo, especially on major network television, so I hope that they can end up together.

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