Goku's brother finally becomes a Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball fan anime

Raditz doesn't have long to look forward to in the Dragon Ball universe, and in this new fan anime, he reveals a power he never achieved in the canon: becoming a Super Saiyan!

In the world of the hugely popular Dragon Ball anime, Goku's biological brother, Raditz, only existed for a short time before being brought down by Goku and Piccolo's team-up, and this new doujinshi shows what Raditz would look like if he died It would be nice to be able to ascend to the Super Saiyan level before!

Posted on Twitter under the username @JsCandyHell, the creative genius is a professional animator and connoisseur of Dragon Ball fan art who is constantly uploading fun and inspiring artwork for their nearly 10,000 followers to enjoy Art work.

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@JsCandyHell has also dabbled in sketching fanart of pop culture icons like Godzilla, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spiderman, Hulk, and more, @JsCandyHell is a Dragon Ball fanart creator worth checking out, especially when it comes to this super Awesome Super Saiyan Raditz animation.

Dragon Ball's Raditz Transforms Into A Super Saiyan In Fan Animation

A Dragon Ball character introduced at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Raditz was defeated by his brother Kakarot, Goku's one-time rival Piccolo who cemented his status as a worthy and formidable opponent in the series' early episodes , and set the tone for the ridiculous fights to come, but ended up being a villain who never lived up to his full potential before biting a grown-up. And now, with this epic doujinshi granting him unattainable achievement in a lifetime, Raditz's untapped potential as a Saiyan is unleashed in a way that looks like it could be lifted straight from the Dragon Ball anime itself!

As the cut begins, Raditz struggles to elevate his power levels to heights he hasn't achieved before, and he falls to the ground, it's clear just how close @JsCandyHell's art style is to Dragon Ball's iconic manga and anime look . Pictured Raditz screaming while blazing with his energy transforming into a true Super Saiyan, @JsCandyHell cuts to a high angle showing Raditz with his glowing golden aura and yellow hair all over him as he continues to power up Blow around. Cutting back to a close-up of Raditz's eye, @JsCandyHell fades the red pupil into view - not the usual teal hue Super Saiyans are known for - and animates Raditz's sizable muscular bulk further to the finish This thing, while he stares purposefully at the camera, rippling with energy and electricity, looks like Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form by default thanks to his already long and spiky hair.

But that's not all. Fans looking to add a little flair to this post can scroll through @JsCandyHell's feed to see comments from Dragon Ball nerds layered in the series' signature audio sound effects - power-up screams and more - making This clip is even better! So while Raditz will never get a true Super Saiyan upgrade, creative talent like @JsCandyHell can make up for it by dreaming up scenes that fans have been hoping to see in the Dragon Ball classic, the amazing The doujin animation is one of the best!

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