Glass Onion Director's Review Streams Tomorrow on Netflix

The director's review of The Glass Onion: Wilderness Action Mystery hits Netflix tomorrow, giving Rian Johnson a deeper look at the film.

The Glass Onion: Knock Out Mystery is now undergoing official director's commentary. The Rian Johnson film, the sequel to his own 2019 Detective Unit hit, Knives Out, premieres on Netflix on Dec. 23, 2022, exactly a month after it opened the week of Thanksgiving. The film follows eccentric but sharp-eyed detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) on ​​an all-new adventure to an isolated island owned by tech mogul Miles Brown (Edward Norton), where a murder mystery party Horrible crimes could happen during the weekend he organized.

Today, Netflix announced on Twitter that there will be a special director's review of Glass Onion tomorrow.

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Source: Netflix/Twitter

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