Gerard Butler on explosive desert chase in Kandahar trailer

A new trailer for Gerard Butler's upcoming action film Kandahar has just been released, heralding an intense chase through Afghanistan.

A new trailer for Gerard Butler's Kandahar follows the star as he races across the Afghan desert in an epic race for survival. Butler is best known for starring in 300 and the popular Has Fallen action trilogy, most recently appearing on Plane. Kandahar, from director Rick Roman Waugh, sees the actor play the role of CIA agent Tom Harris, who tries to flee Afghanistan with his interpreter after their cover is blown.

Open Road Films has now released the first trailer for Kandahar, a fresh look at Butler's next action-packed role after Plane.

The trailer sees Butler's character sabotaging Iran's nuclear weapons program, before his covert mission is exposed in a major intelligence leak. Tom and his interpreter (played by Navid Neghaban) embark on a dangerous mission across hostile territory to reach an extraction point in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The film also stars Bahador Foladi, Olivia-Mai Barrett, Nina Toussaint-White, Ali Fazal, Fahim Fazli and Ray Haratian, among others.

Kandahar Continues A Gerard Butler Career Trend

Although Butler's career was more varied in the early and mid-2000s, the actor has recently found great success focusing almost exclusively on action films. Olympus in 2013 Has Fallen ended up being such a hit that, along with another film, Night Has Fallen, two sequels are currently in the works. The action series casts Butler as a lone hero battling hordes of enemies, spouting clever lines and delivering plenty of punishment.

The Airplane, Butler's most recent film, also follows this pattern, seeing the star play a military-trained pilot who must rescue passengers from a local warlord after he is forced to land the plane in enemy territory . Even in Greenland, Butler is more of a regular guy than a ruthless killing machine, defying all odds to reunite with his family before a giant comet hits Earth, leaving the star alone for a long time one person. Kandahar appears to be following the same trend, and Butler represents a formidable force as he tries to escape the country.

Like Plane and Mike Colter's Louis Gaspare, Kandahar saw the benefit of giving Butler a strong scene partner. It looks like the interpreter in the upcoming film will flesh out Butler's character a lot more and give him a powerful reason to live beyond just saving his own life. How Kandahar will compare to Butler's other recent endeavors remains to be seen, but the trailer makes it clear that it's going to be an action-packed ride, if nothing else.

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