Genshin Impact trial campaign is perfect for 5 star banner pulls

As it turns out, Genshin Impact's increasing use of events featuring trial characters is a welcome boon for both the HoYoverse banner and players.

Recently, Genshin Impact added more events that allow trial characters, which is a huge boon for players and 5-star flags. Genshin Impact has a plethora of quality characters with game-changing abilities and stats; the problem for many players is acquiring them. Typically, 5 star characters need to update savings multiple times or buy gems with money. There are pros and cons to both approaches, and player collections make a big difference in this regard, but it can feel like handcuffs to a new player trying to build a capable roster.

Recent events such as Fayz and Adventurers Trials have included trial characters to build teams for or supplement players' current teams. These trial characters aren't fully built, but built well enough to showcase the characters' potential powers. Often filled with Genshin Impact's most popular characters, these trials are also repeatable, allowing players to experiment with any possible combination they want.

Why Trial Characters Help 5-Star Banners In Genshin Impact

For some players, especially free-to-play games, there's nothing worse than spending their hard-earned gems or money on 5-stars and not being able to enjoy or use them. Trial characters teach players how to work, preventing regret and Get hyped when the banner comes up. Lately, as this is also her first comeback, Yellen has had great success, thanks in part to her banner partner Hu Tao, and all the visiting players have given her since her first release. The extra time players get with Genshin Impact characters can generate more hype than any video or word of mouth, making for a process that is helpful to both developers and players.

Why Genshin Impact's Trial Characters Are Great For Players

In turn, tryout characters help players by giving them an idea of ​​whether they will like or be able to use them. Genshin Impact's Nilou and her build are a perfect example of this, as she's a character who can deal significant damage but needs a specific team to surround her with. If players don't have the ability to create that team or just don't find Nilou fun, they'll save materials and time by avoiding her flag. This may be a relatively simple reason, but it could mean a lot to players who don't have much time to play or money to spend on speeding up the process.

Due to the recent success of the 5-star banner and the new Characters are still on the way, and more events with trial characters may appear. This is good news for both parties, as it will continue to make money for the HoYoverse while benefiting some players when Genshin Impact's new and future characters are finally judged. While HoYoverse might be a little pricey for some aspects of Genshin Impact, it's nice to see the company implement a process to help 5-star flags and players.

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