Gael García Bernal on Whether We'll See More 'Night Werewolves' in the MCU

"I wish we could do that in a different way, shape and form."

Of all the film and TV offerings Marvel has put out in the last year, arguably none has been more memorable than Werewolf in the Night, and the company released a 50-minute "special showcase" in the run-up to Halloween. Directed by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino, this special starring Gael García Bernal tells the story of Jack Russell, who infiltrates a group of monster hunters in an attempt to rescue his friends. Naturally, the new format features Marvel's familiar brand of action, but this time incorporates a black-and-white, old Hollywood approach to introducing one of their scariest heroes, an instant fan favorite.

Fans are now clamoring to see more of Jack Russell in the MCU - and his new ally Elsa Bradstone, played by Laura Donnelly, especially if it means working with his comic ally Face to face with Moon Knight, he received a series of his own last year. Further werewolf adventures have yet to be confirmed, but it seems fans aren't the only ones hoping to see more.

Talk to Collider's Perri Nemiroff at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival to promote his new film Cassandro, Bernal revealed that he is eager to see more of The Night Werewolf in person. When asked if Jack Russell could appear in other parts of the MCU without losing the Hammer-horror-esque grit that made his special so unique, Bernal did agree that was a possibility, as the 50-minute mini-movie "Just a small quibble about a character with an extensive history in the comics :^ While Bernal himself isn't a fan of horror—"I'm really scared," he told Nemirov—he makes the genre Likened to an opera, being a subset of the film is capable of experimentation and "covers the best aspects of filmmaking." Of course, it's a genre the MCU has never attempted before, with Werewolf and Sam Raimi in the wildly diverse Doctor Strange in the universe introduced a little horror to the audience. Whether it will continue to appear when we meet Kang the Conqueror or have a final adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy is unknown, but the fan demand is definitely there.

I would be delighted because also, it was just a little tease what we got, you know? And what I experienced by playing this character in Werewolf by Night, I loved it. And the people that were there, with Laura Donnelly, it was fantastic to work with her because she’s a very strong diehard horror movie fan, and it was fantastic to play that. And yes, I hope that we can do that in different ways, shapes and forms. And who knows where it’s gonna go? I have no idea, but I want to be part of that and I really love how it came out. I’m very pleased.

Night of the Werewolves Now streaming on Disney+. Check out our interview with Bernal below:

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