'Freeridge' cast and character guide: Starring 'On My Block' spinoff

Meet the new crew!

In Freeridge, the new spinoff of Netflix's On My Block, all hell breaks loose. With a brand new team of four high school buddies, sisters Gloria and Ines, and tight best friends Cam and Demi, everything around Freeridge is swell... until the group buys a haunted box and accidentally released a curse. Like its predecessor, Freeridge is full of mystery, but unlike the "hidden RollerWorld money" puzzles you might have seen in On My Block, the spinoff takes a more mysterious path, waking up in the middle A storm is seen from the windows of the creepy news, dark energies looming around the crew, and a lot (much) of pure panic.

Created by Lauren Iungerich, Jamie Uyeshiro, Eddie Gonzalez, Jamie Dooner and Jeremy Haft, the first season of the spinoff was announced on September 27, 2021. While Freeridge is completely out of the original cast, leaving behind the On My Block legacy, older fans can look forward to a few Easter eggs here and there. At the same time, new viewers get to see another side of the Friedrich block through the eyes of an entirely unique gang. Friedrich season one Premiering on Netflix on February 2, 2023, read on if you want to know who's playing whom in the latest OMB spinoff!

Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Gloria

Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Gloria, the de facto leader of the Freeridge gang, whose highly driven personality keeps the crew moving. Gloria, who is from a Latino/Hispanic background, is the "secret glue" that holds the gang together. She's smart, mature, and most importantly, "unapologetically being herself." Although sometimes a fiery temper got in the way and got her into unnecessary trouble, she pulled herself together with the same tenacity. FYI, you can see Gloria absolutely killed the double arm hang in gym class. Mejia most recently had a supporting role at Abbott Elementary School, playing the overzealous teacher aide Ashley. She also played the role of Maria Sofia in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Bryana Salaz as Ines

Bryana Salaz as Ines, Gloria's super-smart younger sister who skips a grade at school. Compared with Gloria, who is super practical and sensible, Ines likes to mess around. She doesn't seem to understand the concept of rules, nor can she ignore them. Ines can seem distant and aloof at times, but as she slowly tears down her walls throughout In the series, viewers will learn why she appears the way she does. Salaz rose to fame with his appearance on The Voice in 2014. She followed up with several TV appearances in Team Kaylie and Malibu Rescue.

Ciara Riley Wilson as Demi

Ciara Riley Wilson stars as second-generation Asian-American Demi, one of the more upbeat members of the Freeridge gang. On the one hand is the social worker, on the other is Demi, who is also the most energetic in the crew. Her interests are tarot, crystals, and astrology, and with all the occult madness surrounding the Core Four, Demi's knowledge might help them find the answers. However, Demi is an energetic, stubborn romantic who needs to be able to keep her tender affections in check. Wilson is no stranger to the show business world. She previously appeared in the 2019 live-action film Kim Possible and was in two Joshua Bassett music videos.

Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Cameron

Tenzing Norgay Trainor as Cameron, a BIPOC who has never dated girls because he is afraid of them. However, he did date a lot of boys. Although his parents are divorced, the two still talk to each other and raise Cameron together. The only member of the gang, Cameron Always overanalyzing situations, although he doesn't always have everything figured out. Still, Cameron will continue to stand his ground no matter what the problems. Trainor has long been a part of Hollywood, with multiple Disney Channel credits to his name, but it was his role as Parker Rooney on the family sitcom Liv and Maddie that really caught the spotlight. Fun trivia: Trainor is the grandson of the famous Tenzing Norgay, one of the first two men to climb Mount Everest.

Peggy Blow as TBA

Peggy Blow returns to the OMB universe in Freeridge. Blow originally played Marisol "Abuelita" Martinez on On My Block, a not-so-normal grandmother who loves to partake in a bunch of crazy antics. This time around, Blow will appear as a surprise new character that's actually an original idea the actress came up with out of thin air. Before that, Blow had a long, decades-long acting career, appearing in "Seinfeld" and the Emmy-nominated "Affair."

Paula Garcés and Eric Neil Gutierrez as Geny and Ruben

Another On My Block original character, Paul Garcés, is also returning to Freeridge's world as Geny, and longtime fans of the show may recognize him as Ruby's Worry about mom. Eric Neil Gutierrez plays Geny's husband, Ruben, and one of the original On My Block cast members. Ruben is dealing with the loss of a loved one, but he may just be shaken by the shock of his life. Gutierrez is a co-producer on Boo, Bitch, and Tenzing Norgay Trainor is also an actor. Garcés' acting credits include roles in All My Children and the Harold & Kumar films.

Eme Ikwuakor and Raushanah Simmons as Dwayne and Fran

Eme Ikwuakor plays Dwayne, Jamal's loving but strict father in On My Block. Dwayne returns to Friedrich as owner of a local barbecue joint. Ikwuakor also had a supporting role in The Gray Man. Raushanah Simmons stars as Jamal's mum Fran, the last On My Block parent to return to Freeridge. Simmons previously served on FBI: Most Wanted and Law & Order: Special Victims.

Michael Solomon as Rusty

Michael Solomon as Rusty, a new classmate who initially befriends the Big Four for professional reasons but later develops a meaningful friendship with them. Solomon made his Boo, Bitch debut as Jack M. Adams is part of a young senior cast that includes He played a teenage version of Seth Novacelik.

Zaire Adams as Andre

J.R. Villarreal as Tonio, Gloria and Ines' uncle. On My Block features Oscar as the main mentor of the main gang. This time around, Freeridge has the mentorship of the business-savvy Tonio and some goofy words of wisdom. Villareal was previously in Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion.

J.R. Villarreal as Tonio

JeanPaul San Pedro as the widower father of Javier, Gloria and Ines. San Pedro has appeared on several network shows such as NCIS and Rosewood.

JeanPaul San Pedro as Javier

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