Frasier's reboot has to go back to Cheers, right? !

If Frasier Crane is going to return to Boston for a reboot, the psychiatrist will definitely have to visit his former social spot, Cheers Bar.

The upcoming Frasier reboot came with a surprising announcement, strongly suggesting that Frasier Crane will be revisiting his original setting, the bar from Cheers. The return of Frasier Crane has been teased by audiences for what seems like an eternity, with little information to discern underlying details. But one detail was finally confirmed: The Frasier reboot will take place in Boston.

Frasier Crane, played by Kelsey Grammer, made his on-screen debut in Cheers before branching off successfully to his own groundbreaking spinoff, Frasier. While Cheers focuses on the activities and character of Boston's titular bar, Fraser describes his later life as a radio psychiatrist in Seattle. Paramount+ recently released the first teaser image for the reboot, featuring a plane ticket from Seattle to Boston under the Frasier Crane name, confirming that the Frasier reboot will be set in Boston. With the disappointing news that the original Frasier cast won't be rebooting, the potential connection to Cheers will instead calm worried viewers.

The Frasier Reboot's Setting Means The Cheers Bar Must Return

If Frasier didn't at least revisit the Cheers bar, setting the reboot in Boston is a rather odd choice, especially since Frasier was last seen leaving Seattle to go to Chicago in the final episode of Frasier. Going back to Boston puts the Frasier Crane in a spin, and going back to the Cheers scene will do it neatly. Whether this means some Cheers characters might make an appearance in the Frasier reboot remains to be seen, but some ties to the location do suggest that the resulting Frasier Crane would be a good fit. Bringing Back the Bar will also offer an environment comparable to Frasier's Café Nervosa, where characters can meet and socialize outside of their home.

Frasier's Reboot Needs Cheers To Make Up For Missing Characters

After the Frasier reboot won't feature Daphne and Niles' devastation, the strong Cheers connection is sure to ease viewers into a new situation and premise of the beloved sitcom. If some aspect of Cheers was included, both in location and in character, it would more than make up for the lack of original Frasier's cast. It would somehow justify the missing characters: the Frasier character was omitted because there would be some Cheers aspect instead, which better serves Frasier's evolution as a character. Whether or not this will happen remains to be revealed, but it's certainly a more fitting transition than simply ignoring everything that came before.

Cheers sounded Plays an important role in Frasier. Frasier often recalls fond memories of his past life, and most seasons feature guest appearances by Cheers cast alumni. If there is little knowledge or connection to Frasier, the Cheers link becomes essential. Ignoring both shows would be a disservice to fans, and the Frasier reboot could also be an all-new sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer. While Frasier's news in Boston is undoubtedly good news, it runs the risk of unnecessarily teasing viewers, as fans can only hope that the connection will materialize.

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