Expanding an RDR2 side quest will improve Red Dead Redemption 3

Red Dead Redemption 3 could improve on RDR2 in several ways, and one underutilized mechanic in particular needs to be better addressed in the next game.

Red Dead Redemption 3 would benefit from expanding on one of Red Dead Redemption 2's most interesting side events. While RDR2 gives players a lot to do, one of the best options ends up being scarce and easy to run out of. Fixing this will help the next game in the series remain satisfying until the end credits.

The Red Dead Redemption game offers players a huge Wild West sandbox to run through, full of encounters and side events. Red Dead Redemption 2 takes this approach a step further than the first game. Players can play for hours without touching the main story and still not get bored with everything Arthur can do. From playing poker to robbing, the amount of freedom the game allows the player is astounding. Even though Red Dead Redemption 3 is another prequel, it's likely to follow this line of thinking, ensuring players always have a way to pass the time between missions.

Red Dead Redemption 2's Duels Are Fun, But Scarce

Dueling is an important mechanic in Red Dead Redemption, and it works like it does in old cowboy movies. The protagonist and the antagonist stand face to face, The tie that disarms or kills the opponent the fastest wins. It's a fun side activity, as players need good timing and aim to win. Red Dead Redemption 2 even has an entire side quest revolving around dueling duels with notorious gunmen and gangsters.

Unfortunately, Red Dead Redemption 2 only has a limited number of duels, and aside from the gunner's side quests, they are few and far between. One couple appears in the main plot, the rest are random encounters. Once all are depleted, players will no longer be able to duel outside of replay missions using Red Dead Redemption 2's pistols and revolvers via the pause menu. That's disappointing, especially after there were more duels in the first game.

The small number of duels in Red Dead Redemption 2 is disappointing, considering dueling is one of the iconic tropes of the Western genre. The image of two gangsters, law enforcement officers, or anyone in between gazing at each other as they prepare to draw is an iconic and instantly recognizable image. Although RDR2 did end with a climactic duel, it didn't run as far as its concept is concerned.

Duels in Red Dead Redemption 2 are fun to keep dueling, but that doesn't change how long players can run out of duels to fight. For such an excellent mechanic, it's disappointing to basically expire like RDR2's Duels. One of the things that RDR3 should do to be better than RDR2 is to make sure players have more duels to fight and can't run out forever.

Red Dead's Dueling Mechanics Can Be Used For More Than Just Duels

Dueling in Red Dead Redemption functions much like Dead Eye, slowing down the world and allowing players to aim more accurately, despite the time limit. This can actually be used in more situations than just dueling an opponent. Red Dead Redemption 2 shows this by having Arthur shoot a gun from Mary's brother Jamie during a mission. This quest could be a springboard for the next game, finding more uses for the same mechanics.

For example, certain events give the player the opportunity to slow down time at critical moments, similar to a duel, and find the exact place or object needed Get shot and even use Red Dead Redemption's worst guns as useful tools. For example, the player can shoot the tires of a speeding car, or the lock that holds a door shut. When executed properly, it can both solve the problem and give the player an advantage in subsequent battles. It can add some puzzles to the game, while making the main character look more like a gunslinger.

Playing a game like Red Dead Redemption is supposed to make players feel powerful, or at least make them feel like the character they're playing is. Giving the protagonists an almost supernatural purpose won't make Red Dead Redemption 3 any more realistic, but it will make them feel powerful. In addition, the use of open duel mechanics will increase the variety of gameplay. The extra type of missions will keep the game from being repetitive, which is a useful feature considering Red Dead Redemption 2's long runtime.

Red Dead's Duels Are Great, But They Can't Be Overused

Dueling in the Red Dead Redemption games is certainly fun, and the next game definitely needs to offer more opportunities. However, like any good thing, dueling can get tiresome If it is overused throughout the game. Rockstar needs to modestly add more duel opportunities when planning the next match, or players may end up objecting to the mechanic.

Duels, for example, are a great way to handle a dramatic storyline boss fight, and fit well with the cowboy aesthetic. However, it would become repetitive if Red Dead Redemption 3's future protagonist dueled every single foe of importance. At least in the main story, the duel should be reserved for the protagonist's most personal enemies, making their final confrontation more memorable and cinematic. Of course, players should still be able to accept any dueling challenges they receive, as that will be the purpose of getting them back to number one. Still, the main plot should be restrained.

Going from not enough duels to too many duels would be a jarring transition, which is why mechanics need to be handled with care. Red Dead Redemption 3 could definitely use more face-offs, but it also needs wild gang shootouts and shootouts with law enforcement to hunt down players. Red Dead Redemption managed to find a good mix Rather than duel, so the more exciting Red Dead Redemption 3 should be able to do just that.

Dueling and the mechanics associated with it are one of the most underused aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2, so it should play a bigger role in the next game. There's nothing better for a Western than a good duel, so making it only a small part of the game feels like a waste. Red Dead Redemption 3 needs to make better use of its dueling mechanics than its predecessor.

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