Everything Everywhere cast candidly details struggles to find work after movie wraps up

Everything Everywhere All On Once star Ke Huy Quan detailed his struggles to land another role after filming wrapped, reflecting on early hardships.

Everything Everywhere All On Once star Ke Huy Quan details his struggles to land another role after filming wrapped. Kwon found early success as a child actor, with roles in Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom, and The Goonies. However, as his career progressed, the work dried up and he took on fewer and fewer parts. Kwon chose to leave the showbiz and work as a stunt director and assistant director behind the scenes. He decided to try acting again later in life, playing Waymond Wang in Everything at the Same Time, which earned him his first Academy Award nomination.

While appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Kwon confessed to the lack of character he experienced after doing it all at once.

The film completed filming in March 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic began to lock down, and since the film won't be released until 2022, the world was unaware of Kwon's award-winning performance. With theaters shuttered and the future of the film industry in question, he found himself worryingly short of work, a reflection of his early career struggles. Check out Quan's review below:

"I was at home [during the pandemic] like everybody else, trying to stay safe, and I was auditioning left and right, sending in self-tapes. What was interesting was, I could not get a single job. Not one callback. Nobody wanted me. In fact, I was so worried, because I was experiencing everything I experienced as a kid when I was auditioning and I couldn't get a job. That's why I stepped away. When you work with Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and George Lucas, you can't go anywhere but downhill from there, and that's exactly what happened."

What's Next For Ke Huy Quan

Quan's performance When Everything Everywhere All On Once finally hit theaters, audiences wowed and his talent got the attention it deserved. His role earned him several awards, including a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, and he was nominated for several others. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

As for the absence of characters, the success of Everything Everywhere All at Once finally allowed Kwon to see some high-profile roles. He will appear in the second season of Marvel's Loki in an undisclosed role. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even called Kwon himself to ask him about joining the MCU. Loki season 2 is expected to air on Disney+ this summer.

Quan also reunited with Everything Everywhere All at Once co-star Michelle Yeoh in the Disney series American Born Chinese. The series will focus on a teen trying to balance his high school social life and immigrant family life when an exchange student upends his world. The show is an action comedy based on the graphic novel of the same name Streaming on Disney+ later this year. So while Carve the Fears that his return to acting might just be a one-off experience, his growing resume isn't quite the same.

Next up: Short Round's return of Indiana Jones has to happen now, right?

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