Even Spider-Man's Aunt Wants Marvel to Ditch MJ's Obsession

Spider-Man would be better off without Mary Jane - even Aunt May wants him to be with Black Cat.

Warning: SPOILERS for Amazing Spider-Man #19

Even Spider-Man's own Aunt May knows he should stop courting Mary Jane and start looking for new relationships - like with Black Cat. Felicia Hardy is a character with a long history with Peter Parker, but Marvel's Creeper keeps fighting for Mary Jane, and even against him. It's not healthy at all, and Aunt May (and even Peter, to some degree) knows it.

Amazing Spider-Man #19, written by Joe Kelly and illustrated by Terry Dodson, continues the storyline that Zeb Wells began in 2022. After Spider-Man's unspecified actions six months ago, Peter Parker is slowly rebuilding his life. His friends and other superheroes have all but abandoned him -- including his love interest, Mary Jane, who is currently in a relationship with another A man raises two children. Peter Parker, in an attempt to change his ways after the event and in general, has been spending more and more time with Felicia Hardy and planning a weekend romantic getaway with her.

Even Aunt May Knows Mary Jane Isn't Worth It

"I hope you and Felicia have fun", says Aunt May, before adding "Don't forget your raincoat." Peter nearly choked on his food suggestion. Aunt May meant well, though, and it must be noted that what she didn't say was just as important: At no point in the conversation did she encourage Peter to reconnect with Mary Jane. May - who helped introduce Peter to Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man #25 - is now actively encouraging him to date other people.

For all her faults, Felicia is a (relatively) emotionally stable individual with a mature outlook on life that Mary Jane lacks. As far as MJ is concerned, she has serious communication problems; she never tried to reach out to Spider-Man in this storyline, and when she accidentally ran into Peter and Felicia on the subject, she lashed out at them. The couple's relationship has been tested before, especially during their marriage; what makes this moment so different from previous conflicts?

Unfortunately, readers are still unaware of Spider-Man's vague "decision" mentioned at the beginning of The Amazing Spider-Man #1. Considering that everyone but the reader seems to know what Spider-Man does, they're naturally frustrated by falling behind other characters. For his part, Spider-Man and Black Cat certainly knew what Peter Parker did, Like everyone else - but between Mary Jane and Felicia Hardy, there's only barely a belief that Spider-Man is better than his worst days. The Amazing Spider-Man #19 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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