Elden Ring: All 11 greatswords, ranked by stamina

In the Elden Ring, only the mightiest Tarnished can wield the mighty greatsword. Here are all 11, ranked by their stamina.

The Elden Ring has its fair share of incredible weapons, but none quite as powerful as the greatsword. These large weapons are difficult to wield, but each of their strikes causes the Defiler's enemies to fall. Many of these swords are powerful enough to take down the toughest bosses and enemies more quickly.

A powerful strike from a massive sword can leave multiple bosses open for a critical blow. Bosses like Elden Beast or Malenia are formidable threats. However, with the right amount of stamina and strength, greatswords are ideal weapons against such bosses. Sometimes it's worth sacrificing speed for power.

11 Royal Greatsword - 112

Obtained the Royal Greatsword after killing Blaidd at the end of Ranni's questline. He will appear outside of Ranni's Rise and will become aggressive as he loses his sanity. It's a sad way to get this gorgeous blade alongside Brad's armor set.

The Royal Greatsword is a powerful weapon with a physical power of 112 and a magical power of 134, and scales with Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, making it an ideal weapon For players who blend melee and magic into combat. The Royal Greatsword comes with a unique ability called Wolf's Rush, which is fitting for its original owner. This ability charges the Royal Greatsword with ice magic and allows the player to hover in the air and slam the blade down. The attack will end with more bursts of cold magic.

10 Godslayer's Greatsword - 119

Elden Ring's Godslayer's Greatsword can be acquired in the Divine Tower of Caelid after defeating the Godslayer's Greatsword. It is a twisted blade that once belonged to the Twilight-Eye Queen who led the Apostles of Godhide. However, she was inevitably killed by Maliketh.

Godslayer's Greatsword has 119 Vitality, 77 Fire Attack, and scales with Strength, Agility, and Faith. The weapon's focus on faith is perfect, as all Blackfyre magic spells associated with the Godskin Apostles in the Elden Ring are spells that require faith. The special skill of Godslayer Greatsword is called Queen's Black Flame. This ability ignites the unique blade, emits black flames, and then delivers two hard blows to the opponent.

9 Ruins Greatsword - 124

The Greatsword of Ruin was added after the Elden Ring killed the Bastard Warrior and the Crucible Knight Redman Castle Plaza. This is an interesting sword made from the ruins of Sky Laputa. This could have come from Farum Azula or some other as-yet-unknown location.

This sword has a stamina rating of 124 and a low magic power of 37. This weapon scales with Strength and Intelligence, with the former requiring at least 50 Strength to use. The sword is not very intellectually demanding, requiring only 17 points and the required Strength attribute to wield it. The weapon's special ability, Wave of Destruction, summons a wave of purple electricity to knock down, forming a huge wave and rushing towards the enemy.

8 Troll Knight's Sword - 124

Trolls are granted the Sword of the Troll Knight by the royal family of Caria, and like Lanny, one of the best characters in Elden Ring, they are respected as much as humans. This sword can be obtained after killing a troll knight in Caria Manor.

This weapon scales with strength, dexterity, and intelligence. The sword has a power rating of 124 and a magic rating of 80. Although it doesn't have anything like The magic of Caria, it does have a design befitting of its affiliation. The skill associated with Troll Rider's Sword is called Troll's Roar. This is a skill that many trolls in Lands Between unleash on players. Tarnished replicate it by roaring to cause a massive shockwave, then swinging their blades down to the ground.

7 Maliketh's Black Blade - 127

Maliketh's Black Blade is a magical Elden Ring weapon unlocked after defeating Maliketh the Black Blade. It is one of the souvenir items that players can unlock with Enia at the Round Table.

This sword is proportional to strength, dexterity and faith, with a strength rating of 127 and a divine attack rating of 82. Not only is the sword epic in appearance, but its special skill, Fated to Death, is deadly. Doomed Death takes time to cast, but once the Defiler is done, they slam their blades on the ground, and dozens of black and red scythe-like energies emerge, slashing at enemies. This attack deals damage over time and reduces the enemy's maximum health.

6 Starscourge Greatsword - 129

The Starscourge Greatsword is another souvenir item that can be obtained from Enia at the round table Wait, though this is only available after the player defeats Starscourge Radahn, one of the Elden Ring bosses with the most tragic lore.

When the player tries to switch the sword to two-handed, the sword actually appears as a pair. The Starscourge Greatsword is proportional to strength, dexterity and intelligence. The weapon has a stamina of 129 and a magic rating of 83, and its special skill, Starcaller's Cry, has long been a fan favorite. This ability pulls enemies in via gravity as gravitational energy flows around the blade. The skill can then receive a second input, and the blade slams down to deal serious damage to anyone close enough.

5 Zweihander - 141

The Zweihander is not as unique as the previous Greatsword, and it's also a bit lighter, making it a usable weapon at lower levels. This sword can be purchased from the isolated merchant in the Weeping Peninsula near the village of Elling.

This sword is proportional to strength and dexterity, making it the perfect weapon for players who rely entirely on melee builds. Zweihander also has a stamina rating of 141. It comes with a common skill called Stamp (upward cut), the player stomps forward, and then does a powerful upward cut like the name. However, this can be replaced with other abilities by using Ashes of War.

4 Watchdog's Greatsword - 142

The Watchdog's Greatsword is a weapon used by the leader of the Erdtree Burial Watchdog and enemies of the Lesser Burial Watchdog. The latter is where players can acquire this greatsword from the Dedicated Snow Field or Giant's Peak, where they'll find one of the toughest Elden Ring bosses to deal with.

This is another sword that's great for melee builds, as it only scales for strength and agility. It is slightly stronger than Double Edged Sword, with a power rating of 142. But it happens to have the exact same skill as Double Edge, which can also be changed depending on the weapon. While the Watch Dogs Greatsword is slightly stronger than the Double Edge, it is also a bit heavier.

3 Troll's Golden Sword - 155

The Troll's Golden Sword is a gigantic sword given to trolls who fight for the erd tree. This weapon can be found in the chest of a wagon pulled by a wagon on the Plateau of Artus near Lyndell, one of the One of the best invasion locations in Elden Ring.

This sword is similar to Troll Rider's Sword with the same skills and can be replaced by Ashes of War. However, unlike the Troll Rider's Sword, the Troll Golden Sword scales only with strength and agility. Its 155 health also makes it a better melee build than Zweihander or Watchdog's Greatsword. Surprisingly, it also weighs less than the Watch Dogs Greatsword.

2 Grafted Blade Greatsword - 162

The Grafted Blade Greatsword is a Game of Thrones easter egg, a reference to the Iron Throne from the popular TV series. This sword can be obtained by killing the Leonie Bastard leader at the end of Morne Castle, after which they will be awarded the Grafted Edge Greatsword.

This sword is very powerful with a stamina of 162. It is also only proportional to strength and dexterity. The unique skill of this sword is called Vengeance Oath, which can increase all attributes of the player within a limited time. This is a bit different than most abilities, but it's great for players who hate using abilities in combat. Even activating abilities and switching to different functions is perfect weapons, as well.

1 Greatsword - 164

The Greatsword appears in several FromSoftware's Souls games, referencing Gut's Dragon Slayer in Berserk. It's described as a "rough iron block of a supergiant sword", which is similar to Dragonslayer's description. This sword can be found in the chest of a carriage in Dragonbarrow, and it is the strongest greatsword in the Elden Ring with an overall power of 164. ^It has been loved by many Elden Ring fans due to its great power and Berserk reference. It only scales for strength and agility, and has the same Stamp (upward cutting) skill as Zweihander and Watchdog's Greatsword. There are many Ashes of War that can be given to swords, and players must choose the one that best suits their play style. However, Rime Stomp and Lion Claw are perfect for this knife.

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