Desperate Housewives ending, explained

After eight dramatic seasons, the hit series "Desperate Housewives" has a memorable finale that lives up to the show's quality.

The Desperate Housewives series finale wraps up eight seasons of mystery in the picturesque suburban Wisteria Lane, answering questions about key characters Susan Meyer (Teri Hatcher), Lynette Scavaugh (Philippines). Lisity Hoffman), the big question of what happened to Bree Vanderkamp (Marcia Cross) and Gabriel "Gabby" Solis (Eva Longoria). Despite the many happy times Mary Alice Young's (Brenda Strong) friends had together, it was clear that the ending would be as emotional as the rest of the series, as most episodes They are all concentrated in the quiet streets of this seemingly beautiful town.

Each season features several mysteries, from why Paul Young (Mark Moses) returns home after a decade away, to what Angie Bollen (Drea de Matteo) is hiding from. The best episodes, like "Desperate Housewives," have riveting, memorable series finales that wrap up every major storyline, with the last episode delivering an impressive finale.

The Main Characters All Leave Wisteria Lane

In Season 8, Episode 23, "Finishing The Hat", the main characters leave bittersweet Wisteria Lane. Every woman is on a new path in life, one that affects her personality, hopes and Dream, it feels like it's time to make a change. Susan said she would act first. She mourned the death of her husband Mike Delfino (James Denton), which happened midway through season 8 and was one of the most emotional deaths on Desperate Housewives. Susan also wants to be with her daughter Julie (Andrea Bowen), who gave birth in the finale. It makes sense that Susan would want to start over.

Bree and Trip Weston (Scott Bakula) marry and relocate to Louisville, Kentucky, with Bree becoming a state politician, which is very effective given her confidence, bravery, and ambition. In the early days of "Desperate Housewives," Bree was a caterer and cookbook author who had two bad marriages. Bree gets the happy ending she deserves as she finds love and purpose in life.

Lynette and Gaby both started new careers. In Desperate Housewives' best roles, Lynette and Gaby are warm, hardworking, but feel like their suburban life on Wisteria Lane has been holding them back. They've always felt destined to get more out of life, and a change of location makes them dream bigger. Lynette and Tom Scavo (Doug Savant) moves to New York City to own a penthouse near Central Park, and Lynette is now the CEO. Gaby moved to California and became a host for the Home Shopping Network, allowing her to share her love of fashion.

The Contents Of The Box Are Never Revealed

While the series finale did wrap up each of the main character's arcs, the final scene established a new mystery. New housewife character Jennifer (Lindsay Kraft) starts living in Susan's house and keeps a locked box in her kitchen. Mary Alice's final line in "Desperate Housewives" is her haunting voiceover, "Most people just go on, day after day, in a vain attempt to keep a secret ... never to hide." The series What's in the box isn't revealed, and while not receiving answers to mysteries can be frustrating, it works because it allows the show to end on a strong note.

The final scene of Desperate Housewives is reminiscent of the final moments of Pretty Little Liars, when a group of new teenage girls spend the night away. Since the tone of these two series is often dark and ominous, if the ending is too happy or too peaceful, and there are No sign of any new problems. The eerie town of Rosewood is like Fairview, as both places look nice but attract people who are hiding something from their past. Fascinatingly, the cycle of mystery will continue.

Katherine Comes Back And Inspires Lynette

Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) returns for the series finale of Desperate Housewives after moving to Paris, and tells Lynette she wants her to run the US division of her company, which makes frozen desserts. Catherine's return is compelling because she can change Lynette's life and inspire her to achieve her dream of having a serious career, something she's been striving for for a long time. It's a clever storyline that forces Lynette and Tom to think about their relationship as they struggle with Lynette's displeasure with stay-at-home parents.

Since Delany's character left Desperate Housewives in season 6 and started a more exciting life in France, it made sense for her to help Lynette find a way to move forward happily. While the characters are never as close as Lynette is to the other women in Wisteria Lane, it's moving Catherine saw a like-minded spirit of adventure in Lynette and knew she too would benefit from a move and an exciting career.

The True Meaning Of The Desperate Housewives Ending

The Desperate Housewives ending is about the power of having meaningful and close friendships, as the characters say they keep in touch even while on the move. The finale also touches on the passage of time and acceptance of life changes, as the main character plays cards and states that they will continue to spend time together. The highly-rated Desperate Housewives episode was especially emotional, as it became clear that Bree, Lynette, Gabby, and Susan wouldn't see each other as often, if ever, as they'd hoped. This time in their lives is over and they have to accept that.

The ending of Desperate Housewives also has themes of grief and dealing with death, as the protagonist still misses Mary Alice, whose death kicked off the pilot episode. Mary Alice tells a voiceover about the ghosts of beloved characters like Mike and Karen McCloskey (Katherine Justen) standing in Wisteria Lane to say goodbye. Considering the high kill count of Desperate Housewives, this is a smart approach Include these characters. As Mary Alice is proud of her friends for chasing their dreams, the finale shares that life goes on, those who are lost are never forgotten, and those loved are never truly gone.

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