Demon Slayer's High School AU Spinoff Comes to Crunchyroll

The goofy demon slayer alternate universe spin-off "Middle and High! Kimetsu Academy Story" is finally coming to Crunchyroll.

Demon Slayer might not be the first anime series that comes to mind when people think about high school shenanigans, but thanks to its weird new spinoff, it is now.

Crunchyroll announced on February 14 that the Demon Slayer spin-off series "Junior and High! Kimetsu Academy Story" will stream immediately on the anime platform. Fans who can't wait for Demon Slayer's third season to kick off should be able to tide over the silliness of familiar characters from the series as they face a brand new challenge: the life of a modern Japanese student. Currently, the series is only subtitled and available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

A Demon Slayer High School AU

Kimetsu Academy Story is not a traditional series, but more of a hilarious series set in what fans often refer to as an "AU" or "alternate universe", a term used to describe unique representations of existing characters in fanfiction in new scenarios and Derivatives. Each episode is just a few minutes long, centered around fast-paced jokes and outlandish scenes, and the series uses a simplified art style similar to that of the Demon Slayer series' main end credits. although it may As odd as it may seem to some fans of the hit series, this isn't the only instance of a dark series getting a silly spinoff. Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals deviates from Naruto's mostly serious story. Perhaps the most notorious example is Attack on Titan: Junior High, which adapted the incredibly dark series into a comedy.

Now, in the Demon Slayer high school spin-off, younger characters like Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke (without the pig mask!), and Zenitsu are depicted as students, while older characters like Zhuru are teacher. Even some one-time demons appear in the series as background characters. The episodes are divided into two mini "arcs": the first "Special Edition" arc, which lasts 3 episodes, and the Valentine's Day-themed arc, which lasts 4 episodes and is the series' premiere on February 14. Published tips. Christmas episodes also exist, but don't appear to be available on Crunchyroll at the moment.

While not really a replacement for season 3, Demon Slayer Gakuen Monogatari did offer fans more time to spend with these beloved characters. And, considering how hard life is for the heroes of the demon slayer, that's fine See them relax and enjoy the change. Luckily, with the main Demon Slayer series returning in April, fans won't have to wait long to get back to the Demon Slayer version of the event, but for now, why not try out this wacky high school AU?

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