DC's Titans have always been an A-List team, and now they're going to prove it

The Titans have been one of DC's most fan-favorite teams for decades, but in terms of continuity and publication, the franchise has been out for far too long.

When it comes to DC Comics' superhero teams, few teams are more widely known than the Titans, and now that they're taking on a bigger role in the DC Universe, they finally deserve the respect they deserve. These fan-favorite heroes have been around for decades, individually and as a unit, and have saved the entire DC Universe on multiple occasions, and many of the Titans are some of DC's most recognizable heroes, even outside of comic book fandom. But DC Comics seems to have forgotten that.

From Nightwing to Cyborg, even to Flash, each Titan is a hero in its own right. However, for whatever reason, DCComics has spent the past few decades acting as if these heroes have something else to prove to themselves and the Justice League. Now that the Justice League has taken a step back from the events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Titans' time as the DC Universe's premier superhero team has arrived. They are long overdue for the newfound respect that comes with their higher status.

Titans Together – Sidekicks Forever

Although the original Teen Titans roster consisted mostly of junior heroes, The elder cast formed by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in Teen Titans #1 really set the team apart from the elders of the DC universe and made them their own heroes. This roster not only features mainstays like future Flash Wally West and Donna Troy, but also introduces fan favorites Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven. It also featured Dick Grayson's first appearance as Nightwing, as the ultimate symbol of these characters graduating from sidekick roles to stand-alone heroes. Together, the Titans took down various villainous foes, including Raven's father, Trigon, a world-threatening entity that not even the Justice League could defeat.

Ultimately, the New Teen Titans continued to be simply called the Titans, a sign of their maturity and status as heroes, but DC Comics has not lived up to this promise for decades. With constant reboots and resets frequently reshaping the DC Universe's timeline, it's often the traditional characters like the Titans who suffer the most. Their ascension to adult hero personas arguably "ages" the classic heroes that came before them, such as Wonder Woman or Batman. result, titan For all they did for the DC Universe, their peers were either forgotten and unused, or stagnant, unable to really grow and develop.

The Titans Have Deserved the Spotlight for Years

New Teen Titans is one of DC's most popular series to date, and its popularity inspired the fan-favorite Teen Titans animated series and Titans on HBOMax. But due to inconsistent publishing and constant regression, DC Comics hasn't fully tapped into Titan's cultural reserves until now. More often than not, it feels as though DC has deliberately ignored Titans, with only recent developments, such as the announcement of Tom Taylor and Nicolas Scott's upcoming Titans series, finally utilizing the character in ways unheard of in years.

After decades of saving the world and supposedly still in the shadow of the Justice League, the Titans have long since deserved their fair chance in the spotlight. With their newfound status as the DC Universe's premier superhero team, it seems their days as second-in-commands are numbered. At the end of the day, the Titans have always been A-list heroes — and DC Comics is now finally starting to treat they do.

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