DC Showcases New Asian Heroes in Spirit World, The Vigil and City Boy

DC Comics has announced a new brand, "We Are Legends," and three new series featuring Asian characters: City Boy, The Vigil, and Spirit World.

The new era of DC Comics expands with the announcement of a new publishing initiative, "We Are Legends," which will highlight the publisher's Asian characters and their stories. Three new miniseries featuring these characters will launch this May as part of "DC Dawn."

DC announced that three miniseries featuring new AAPI characters will be: Spirit World, The Vigil, and City Boy. Spearheaded by DC editor Jessica Chen, the series will launch under the "We Are Legends" umbrella and will not only highlight these new characters, but also celebrate up-and-coming Asian creators.

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According to a corresponding announcement from Chen and DC Comics, the three books will launch in May as part of the 2023 "Dawn of DC" storytelling initiative, which officially began this January with Action Comics #1051. The Spiritual World is from writer Wang Jingwen and artist Hai Ning; The Vigil is from writer Ram V and artist Lalit Kumar Sharma; City Boy is from writer Greg Pak and artist Minkyu Jung and Sunny Gho.

"We Are Legends" Spotlights DC's Newest Asian Characters

This announcement follows DC's full-line Lazarus Planet event, which featured the beginnings of many of these new characters' stories. Spirit World will star Xanthe, "a non-binary Chinese hero The ability to enter and exit the spiritual world. "They will be teaming up with John Constantine to save Batgirl Cassandra Kane from the spirit world - the story begins with Planet Lazarus: Dark Fate #1. Writer Ram V has been teasing The Night's Watch runs in his detective comics, but the "mysterious South Asian metahuman team" first appears on the planet Lazarus: The Next Evolution #1, where they clash with Red Hood. Meanwhile, City Boy, he " Just a guy trying to make a living, using his ability to talk to cities to find lost and hidden items to pawn," first encountering Nightwing on Planet Lazarus: A Legend Reborn #1. ^The Planet Lazarus event was almost Busy times in every corner of the DC universe, but its greatest success has been in introducing these new characters and allowing readers to continue telling their stories under the stamp of "We Are Legends." "Dawn of DC" has seen early success, As the publisher focuses on telling brighter, broader, more inclusive stories. With the release of City Boy, The Vigil, and Spirit World, DC demonstrated a true commitment to these storytelling values, especially when the books behind of Asian creators at the helm The scene is like the Asian characters on the page.

As other new titles—like The Unstoppable Doom Patrol, Arrow, and others due in 2023—continue to explore long-neglected corners of the DC universe, check out these It will be interesting to see how the brand new characters will fit into the larger DC Comics tapestry. In any case, it's refreshing to see Asian characters getting so much attention, and hopefully these new "We Are Legends" titles will continue the early success of "DC Dawn."

How Will DC's Newest Characters Fit into the DCU?

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Check out City Boys #1, Spirit World #1, and Night's Watch #1, all coming from DC Comics this May!

Source: DC Comics, Jessica Chen

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