Cocaine Bear Continues a Weird February Movie Trend

"Cocaine Bear," directed by Elizabeth Banks, focuses on a black bear who swallows cocaine and goes on a rampage, continuing a strange February trend.

Despite its strance notion of a bear ingesting cocaine and going on a killing spree, Cocaine Bears actually continued February's weird trend. Written and directed by actress Elizabeth Banks, it's loosely based on the true story of drug smuggler Andrew Thornton's 75-pound stash of cocaine, which was killed by a The mountain bear devoured part of it. In that case, the only person injured was Thornton after parachuting into the forest, but Banks imagined that if a 500-pound black bear grabbed most of the merchandise and encountered hikers, campers and park rangers, A Crazy Ride That Could Happen.

Like an ode to the horror action comedies of the '90s and early '00s like Lake Placid, Snakes and Sharks on a Plane, Cocaine Bear combines a strong cast with dark humor and outrageous premise. Its trailer is already the best trailer of 2023, thanks to all these elements seamlessly blending with its graphic violence and gore, guaranteeing a wild and entertaining ride full of carnage. Even though it's quite different from the rest of February's release, it still has similarities to another A movie with some more original elements.

February 2023's Theater Releases Include 2 Killer Bear Movies

Cocaine Bear's February 2023 release means not one, but two killer bear movies this month. A week earlier, the thriller "Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey" depicted an anthropomorphic Winnie the Pooh whose friend Christopher Robin grew up and abandoned him in the Hundred Acre Wood, becoming feral and possessing the hunting instincts of a carnivore . Along with Piggy and Eeyore, the film turns beloved children's characters into terrifying nightmares and its titular bear into a Michael Myers-esque killer.

The bear in Bloody & Honey can technically talk, while the black bear in Cocaine Bear is still a wild animal. Pooh takes revenge on Christopher Robin by methodically stalking and murdering anyone who comes to the Hundred Acre Wood, while the cocaine-smoking bear turns into a giant furry ball of absolute chaos. Thankfully, the two Killer Bear movies are so different from each other that they can provide some entertainment for anyone interested enough to try either.

How Winnie-The-Pooh & Cocaine Bear Have Already Become 2023 Highlights

Even with poor reviews, "Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey" has proven to be a box office success, and The two highly anticipated Cocaine Bear movies have been the highlights of 2023. Blood & Honey has already been tipped as the first installment in a possible franchise, and Banksy is already talking about how a Cocaine Bear sequel might work. January kicked off the new year with powerful horror films like M3GAN, the story of an AI companion out of control, and continued with Infinity Pool, a resort full of hedonistic murderers, showing that no matter what No matter how niche or surreal the storyline is, audiences will be thrilled.

Early reviews for Cocaine Bear have been promising, with Jim Schembri calling it "a fun, self-consciously cheesy B-grade action comedy" and Doug Jamieson declaring it is "a film that knows exactly what it is and gleefully delivers 95 minutes of pure fun." (via The Jam Report). It currently holds a perfect score from existing reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and seems perfectly capable of delivering all the carnal ingenuity it advertises. The February trend of Killer Bears may be passing, but ingenuity, whimsy and a little chaos never go out of style when it comes to horror movies.

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