Channing Tatum suffers serious pelvic injury from 'Magic Mike 3' dancer

Channing Tatum's nose bleeds when his partner's pelvis tilts forward while filming a rain-soaked scene in "Magic Mike's Last Dance."

Channing Tatum was seriously injured while making 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'. In theaters Feb. 10, Tatum returns for the third and final Magic Mike trilogy, as the retired stripper moves from Miami to London to help wealthy socialite Marsand La Mendoza (Salma Hayek) produces the stage play. As part of this stage show, Magic Mike's Last Dance caps off the trilogy with a rain-soaked ballet dance at the end of the movie.

Magic Mike's The Last Dance choreographers Luke Broderick and Alison Falk were recently interviewed by GQ and shared some behind-the-scenes secrets about the finale dance sequence. During one shoot on a water-soaked stage, Tatum's dance partner, Kelly Shea, accidentally hit him on the nose with her pelvis, causing the star to bleed. Still, Tatum continued to perform, earning praise from Faulk, who said, "He made that shit look easy."

Magic Mike 3 Delivers On The Dance Sequences

Although "Magic Mike's Last Dance" was known for its chaos and aimlessness The series received the worst reviews for its handling of the story, with a Tomatometer rating of 49%, but this trilogy once again delivers what audiences want to see in six films The main dance sequence. That's true, though Tatum's own dance may have been a little less, taking center stage in just two of the six. Still, when Tatum steps up, he puts his heart and soul into doing all the dances himself, no matter how dangerous it may be.

The Last Rain Dance is not the only very dangerous figure in Magic Mike's Last Dance. As Hayek has previously revealed, the lap dance Mike gives to Michael Sandra in the film becomes so wildly acrobatic that it almost ends in disaster, so much so that some parts don't make it into the film. Still, the sensual lap dance is one of the best dance sequences in the trilogy and a fine example of the franchise's capabilities. With Magic Mike's Last Dance in theaters, audiences can experience all the exciting dance sequences for themselves.

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