Black Panther is becoming the latest version of Killmonger

With a "Wakanda first" mentality, T'Challa's recent philosophy and behavior are very similar to those of Eric Killmonger.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Black Panther #14!

Black Panther T'Challa has been known to walk the line between heroism and immorality in order to secure Wakanda's political advantage, but his recent actions and reasons closely resemble those of his villainous counterpart, Eric The Killer. Both characters are obsessed with Wakanda and expelled because each clings to an agenda designed to further Wakanda's vision for the future, even if it costs them their lives.

"Black Panther" #14 by John Ridley, German Peralta and Jesus Aburtov opens with T'Challa's turbulent moment: In order to secure the alliance against T'Challa's rogue agent Jhai and prevent him from destroying the world's electronic infrastructure, the Wakandan government has Moore and Atlantis signed a treaty. As part of the treaty, T'Challa was horrified to discover that, in addition to cooperating with his sworn enemy, Wakanda disowned him and expelled him from their country. As T'Challa, Namor, and the Avengers lead the final assault on Jhai's forces, the exiled Black Panther still insists that everything he's doing is for Wakanda.

T'Challa's Devotion to Wakanda Has Torn the Nation Apart

T'Challa's behavior throughout the series proves to be highly questionable. used to him As king, he has had a hard time accepting the authority of Wakanda's elected prime minister, Faulassad, whose subtle attempts to influence affairs through a network of sleeper agents have had devastating consequences. Agent Jhai regards T'Challa's authoritative doctrine as absolute authority, and he (as trained) destabilizes Wakanda and the international government like Killmonger, hoping to appoint T'Challa as the combined monarch of Earth and interstellar Wakanda .

T'Challa, Jhai, and Erik Killmonger's plans all follow one common thread: ensuring Wakanda's stability and security in the world. Both Jhai and Killmonger see Wakandan supremacy as the best path; Killmonger, for his own personal gain, and Jhai, through his steadfast service to the image of King T'Challa he has built for himself. T'Challa himself only wants to see Wakanda safe and prosperous, but Jhai's evil deeds expose all of T'Challa's machinations. Regardless, T'Challa continued to defend himself, saying his actions were always "for Wakanda."

T'Challa and Killmonger fight for the vision of Wakanda, which they consider above all else. Compared to T'Challa's desire for stability and security, Killmonger's vision includes domination and supremacy, while Wakanda's dream has Prompting both of them to act ulteriorly. Black Panther may see himself as a hero, but blind service in the name of an idealized nation is a dangerous path, and one that seems to be pushing T'Challa to become more and more like Killmonger.

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